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A customer learn more at discover dot com slash credit score card limitations apply our next couple traffic at ten forty four como eagle roof forecast here's meteorologist Kristen Clarke today full sun bright blue sky overhead and temperatures that will be well into the sixties so seasonably warm this afternoon but you'll really start to feel the warmth tomorrow Friday afternoon temperatures will be well into the seventies and even warmer still this weekend eighty three degrees out on Saturday and then low eighties continue on mother's day Sunday for a summer like feel this weekend unseasonably warm weather continues Monday before temperatures get knocked back down closer to normal with the return of rain Tuesday and a couple other center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke sunny and fifty four in Olympia we got beautiful blue skies in Bellingham or it's fifty six and currently fifty four hands on China see tech airport company time ten thirty six if this weekend's warm sunny weather temps you to visit local parks and beaches health experts say you should still maintain six feet of separation the good news is the outdoor environment is likely healthier than indoors the good thing about being outdoors is that usually there is a breeze so there's some there's some element of the winds that helps you know move those drops out or disperse them navy Vice Admiral Raquel bono director of our state's health system response to the covert nineteen crisis speaking on town hall Seattle's a virtual civic cocktail and she says even outdoors we should treat all touchable surfaces as possible infection sources they don't meet the criteria for potentially reopening the economy on a faster track said but at least one member of the Thurston county commission wants to make the request anyway as we hear from cold calling Johnson Thurston county commissioner Gary Edwards told fellow members this week they should apply for a variance to begin re opening the economy more quickly they reported just one death due to complications related to the disease in Thurston county one person still hospitalized according to the Olympian and all others diagnosed have recovered and I just think we need to stand up for our citizens and see if we can at least get some recognition so you're going to a phase two interim health officer there said Thurston hasn't yet met the readiness criteria set up by the governor to apply the expectations for our county the size of our county is that we need to be doing at least five hundred tests a day still commissioner Edwards contended multiple local suicides have been connected to covert nineteen he says the board is obligated to balance the health of the community and individuals economic welfare.

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