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The number four the letter eight and klondike show then what you do for a bar welcome to movie crush production i heart radio hey everybody welcome to movie crush friday interview addition a this one was recorded just a couple of days ago everyone we had alex williams from me office in an alex is he's great he's such a cool guy he started i think he came by way of knoll brown a which you know if no recommends you then you you gotta be a good person and that was certainly the case of alex he started working here a quite a while ago in those supremely talented from the very beginning endless just doing a great job producing in editing and engineering shows and then one day dropped a little i like to say drops little package on my desk but it was by way of email and he said hey dude i made a pilot of something and that's kind of one of the great things about this job is a you know she's got the wherewithal with all the time you just go make something he got all the stuff and we have the resources me equipment in the answer is usually yes and so he dropped this thing on my desk and he said a just give us a listen it was really great it was one of the best a podcast pilots i'd heard really best podcast episodes i had heard in any genre for a long long time and i brought it to the boss and said hey we should do this and alex ended up doing it in full it's called ephemeral is the name of the show and we talk about that here at the beginning of this episode but it's really really great i can't recommend it enough 'em it's very enjoyable be a second to last episode is coming out this monday following this episode then the final episode will be out the week after that and it'll be ten long and give it a shot listen that pilot i think you might enjoy it a movie crushers so alex picked ed wood a movie i very very much enjoy in that hadn't seen in a while and was a treat go back and watch this beautiful all black and white film from timber and then a johnny depp when they were both firing on all cylinders and we had a good time talking about now so here we go with alex williams on ed what how're you doing i'm fine how are you i'm good how is a well i wanna talk to you about ephemeral first so let's talk about the federal and what a how's how's the how's it going with that how you feeling now that it's over it's over it's over for you like you're done not at all oh you're not no oh i well i wonder if that's gonna come out a two days i wanna see that so so we have on the tenth episode of the final episode of the first season and that's i think july fifteenth it's whatever but you're still working on it oh yeah okay i thought it was all and they can and done that would be nice yeah but now it's a it's in it's it's all it's all there i think it's all in pieces yeah is it maybe i'm gonna go after do some things some help my dad move some things is the saturday so he's got a closet full of vhs tapes that i am gonna look for a few specific things now that's grabber a quarter here where the show yeah how interesting yeah no i mean i guess i should tell everybody i've been recommending the show anyway so hopefully some like you got a lot of good response on the idea a movie crush page like people were into to it but i i should tell the story that you sent just sort of out of the blue eight 'em pilot episode in said hey i've been working on something this is a surprise landed in the inbox inbox and it was one of the best things i had heard.

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