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And now to go to the wonderful weird world of hollywood and the big movie released today is called tomb raider this is not to be confused with lara croft tomb raider which came out about fifteen years ago those movies the old lower cross movies started angelina jolie but it's the same character and as a character based on video game and in this version of her origin story she's kickboxing and she's racing around london delivering pizzas and other things on a bicycle and engaged in bicycle races and you wonder what's what's going on here this is all happening in london well it turns out she's actually an heiress but her father who you see in flashbacks of the father is it is very very strong presence well played by dominic west lara croft here is not angelina jolie it's a leash uva candor who are you may have seen next mackinaw she wanted oscar for the danish girl and she finds out that it's time to reckon with her father's death because he's disappeared years before but she wants to solve the mystery of how he disappeared and that's where her adventure begins in tomb raider what's your name laura surname croft called trinity it's looking to start a global genocide promise me you will stop them i think i know where my dad went that's right in the middle of the devil see it'll be an adventure death is not adventure you shouldn't have come here but i'm glad that you did close the tomb once and for all the fate of humanity is now in your hands okay this is very silly it's of course it's silly it's based on a video game but unlike some other people who've seen this film i actually thought it was fun and it's fun because leash uva candor actually creates a character you can kind of believe this version of lara croft she's very fit she is not a superhero she endures a great deal of punishment in this film it's rated pg thirteen because of it and yes the plot about some mysterious goddess of death that has been imprisoned in an island off the coast of japan years before makes no sense at all however the chase scenes are exceptional some of the dramatic rescues and escapes are very memorable and visually stunning.

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