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Somebody else in their household and they don't have access or their their devices are filtered in some way and it's like there are a lot of tools we often tend to look at the the empowering aspects of technology and i think we don't look closely at the ways it can be used to to hurt and restrain other people in a like we think about sometimes on like a governmental level right but we don't think about it as much on a personal level and i think that's something that we definitely need to be aware of in this age and the fact that technology is so ubiquitous that being able to control somebody else's access to it or be able to use it on somebody else where against somebody else is is really a problem and can be can be very difficult to fight back on that yeah i've wondered about this kind of thing for a while but from a different perspective and that we have a bit of smart home gear in our home and if someone else can take control of it could they could really make our life living l but i hadn't thought about it in terms of someone else harassing or visit another fam only member which is pretty scary i've seen i'm sure hundreds articles over the years about amazon or google or apple or the government spying on people or you know hackers taking over your lights which is but this is the first time i've seen article focus in on the yusen domestic abuse so i think from media perspective yeah we could definitely do more to publicize this issue but also as others have said to better job explaining how to avoid these kind of things how things were changing passwords that kind of thing intend to vendors as damage and i'd like to see more vendors just offer features like multiple accounts so multiple people can have adleman access much better instructions aptitude rule so people who aren't the quote unquote tech techie in the family still understand what's going on because i feel like so many of these devices they just kind of an expert and so when it's happenings at the person who already knows what's going on ends up doing everything that's tech related smart home related and the other people in the family are just like okay that's your job when really everybody as george mentioned earlier everybody really needs to to understand how these things work especially as they're just gonna become more and more prevalent and then just things like forcing people to change passwords when they first device so that they don't have these easy to help passwords anybody can guess but to be honest i don't really expect much of this on the vendor side so i'm hoping that we in the tech media can take the lead agreed well that is going to do it for us but we may have enough time for a bonus question before we do i want to tell you all about our friends at mac weldon macworld makes the most comfortable underwear socks shirts undershirts hoodies and sweatpants that you will ever wear and that's no lie frankly i gotta say it mac wellness better than whatever you wearing right now unless it's mac walden and they're so confident about this that they've got a no questions asked return policy macworld wellness sure that you're going to be super comfortable and whatever you buy but if for any reason you don't like your first pair you get to keep them because obviously they don't want them back and

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