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All right. So chris from your conversation with him and from watching him as a broadcaster over the years. How would you say bill. Walton has evolved from my selfish perspective. He's evolved to be more interesting. I remember watching those. Mba on nbc games with bill walton and marv albert as a kid. Bill was nothing compared to what he is now. Penetration jumpers in transition whereas the defensive resistant for minnesota walton. Was the guy in a suit and tie on nbc for several years. Kevin garnett is thirty six in the nba. Free throw attempts. That's not good enough now. He's the when there isn't a pandemic going on. He's showing up at basketball games in grateful dead shirts and he's embraced everything that he probably had to bury for a very long time. Congo line coming from our free gave receptionist vicky driving that train leading the haredi onto the court. This was so much fun. We've done to do a really good job all the time. But he wants to do his way and his way is to have fun key. Eight a birthday candle. That was let off of a cupcake. He just swallowed the flame home during broadcast. Take a bite out of it. While it's lit ostade about the face for a lot of viewers. They want the nuts and bolts of a pick and roll offense or how you trap bill. Walton doesn't offer much of that bill walton wants to find a correlation between a slam. Dunk and the majesty of the grand canyon. He wants to see a perfect rotation for an open corner. Three and somehow relate that to a grateful dead concert imagination. It's not work. It's taking an idea of building a now synchronicity. What did you learn how to ucla. Or is that prior to your though. I learned that at my i did and i think the most fascinating part of this whole thing to me is that there are subsets of the internet. That either eight bill love. Bill are want to know what he's on and what he's on his life.

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