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After another. But you know, at the end of the day. I'm hopefully, devante will be good. And you know, a little bit worried that he, you know, he's obviously was sick all week those guys get exhausted pretty quick when they when they get running up and down. So we're going to need all hands on Dacca thought a decent job force in that game. The other day play more minutes, and he's gonna have to play more today. As is demeaning matchups today now with gaffer out that concern you well, I think just guarding. Isaiah Joe is really something that we're going to have to be on. I mean, he's a guy that averages fifteen fourteen game. He's the best three point shooter in the SEC. And you know, he's a guy that can really dial it up. I also think there's some unique matchups when they play small can our front court defend all the cutting all the movement in transition because they can't put the ball on the floor and drive it a lot. More than most frontcourt players can. So you know to me this is going to be a game. If our defense is really going to have to be out in and locked it. I think they're one of the hardest teams to prepare for and play against just because they're going to do what they do regardless of what you do to me. There's aggressive is any team you'll play in terms of planes with speed and watch their first round game against providence providence, really to be honest with you after about the first two minutes of the game was in bad shape. You know, really bad shape. They hit them up from three they were in transition whole game. And they made it difficult on providence with their up zone as well. So I think we'll have to do that. Lineup the same as it was Tuesday. I think so we're going to stay with their three guard lineup if we can here tonight. This is on the perimeter of will give us a little bit of problems with was some of their match ups. So we're going to have to play a little bigger and we'll see, but I think those three guards to start the game will be our best chance of being ready coach. Thank you. Archie miller. The head coaches report, we'll be back with our scouting report. Brought to you by Nissan on this ball club that the hoosiers. Take on today off very good, Arkansas ball club basketball, the caresource radio network from learfield. IMG college and Indiana University fulfilling.

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