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How are you has has it was stepped isn't Doug Thank you Has Doug He's great. He's training for a triathlon. Sorry. I no exercise big trigger. And and that is our guest, Ethan Hawke as Tucker Crow in the movie Juliet naked. That's a fun scene, isn't it? You know, it's one of my favorite ones over done that. That scene makes me laugh. Yeah, You know, it's It's a romantic comedy with Rose Byrne and Chris O'Dowd. And it's really funny. Did you identify with this character, Dr Crowe? You know, having been yourself kind of a cultural icon is a very young person and then having you know, growing up having a complicated life, you know completely and it's why did the part is fascinating Woman? Great things about acting and aging is you're constantly having to revisit new problems. You're the same person, but your age brings about new problems. Always like this since I had my first kiss on screen and the Explorer's You know, I was a parent on screen like and this is my first time I played a grandfather and I probably play a lot more of them. And you have to kind of look at that in the eye, like right. This is the future of me. But I'm you know, I'm gonna be playing. You know some young starlets, Grandpa, who says some kind of wise thing Really? You know, has a heart attack? Um, so I don't know. I enjoy it, though, And I enjoy being able to visit aspects of myself in my life. A sense of failure. You know, this is the thing about being young and promising like Tucker Crow and not meeting expectations that I think anybody that experience this. My favorite That was this experience is celebrity. My favorite line about that is Dustin Hoffman's, which is the only thing worse than getting recognized. Everywhere you go, is Not getting recognized. Everywhere you go anymore, right? Uh uh, in in life is it doesn't matter what happens to you. You know, you're going to get beat up. You know, you sort of had this career where you've, you know, acted as a very young guy and played all kinds of different rules. When people see you on the street Do they throw lines at your other certain roles that they ask you about? Sure you might think it's fun about my career's. I've gotten a B in all kinds of different movies. There's certain people, you know, probably not listening to NPR. I don't know who love horror movies and people want to talk to me about sinister and purge for hours or there's people that I love science fiction, and they want to talk to me about Gatica predestination. There's you know, the Linkletter fans in the world that want to talk about boyhood before trilogy all night. And then you know, there's the cop pictures, you know, Training day and salts on precinct 13, Brooklyn's finest does. There's a certain portion of the public that wants to do that, hopefully Someday. Somebody I want to talk to me about the good Lord Bird. You know this first performed had its impact on a certain part of the culture. And so it's It's kind of the fun. I can meet people where they like to be met. Well, Ethan Hawke, congratulations on the Siri's and thanks so much for speaking with us. Ethan Hawke Stars as the abolitionist leader John Brown in the Showtime series. The Good Lord Bird. Based on a James McBride novel. It airs Sunday nights at nine. Is gentle. On tomorrow's show. We talked with rock and roll star Lenny Kravitz. His new memoir, Let Love Rule Is about his Life up to the release of his first album in 1989. He talks about his loving relationship with his mom actress Roxy.

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