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Path to world war three with north korea here's democrat marianne marsh everyone should take seriously the fact that donald trump it running the country in a way that threatened their very existence and it really basically baiting north korea into an nuclear war and no one ever wind and nuclear war every part of government the media and everyone out now stand up and balance the power again donald trump and make sure we don't end up in a nuclear war with north korea republican senator chuck grassley of iowa says both corker and the president should quote cool it and president trump took to twitter yesterday gave a big salute dallas cowboys owner jerry jones for his stance against players protesting during the national anthem joe says the nfl cannot leave the impression that it tolerates players disrespecting the flag and says any of his cowboys making such displays will no longer play for his team jones was responding to a qu russian about vice president mike pence leaving the game in indianapolis after a dozen or so san francisco players nel during the anthem here's republican analyst gene harden i think the president and vicepresident spending up a lot of time doing something that at this point as no meaning at all it's time to spend some time doing things that are needed within in this country and going to football games or walking out in discos door or doing stunts or whatever it may be it's not helping and assad accomplishing anything in the meantime espn has suspended anchor jemil hill for two weeks from making political statements on social media something the network considers a violation of company policy hill who was african american last month referred to president trump as a white supremacist and just two days ago hill targeted jerry jones suggesting fans who disagree with jones should not by any merchandise from the dallas cowboys wbz news time seven forty one time for us to head to the a stick it com sports studio and chicken once again with adam coughing warning sir good morning josh do straight division titles for the red sox two straight first round losses astros held a two one lead in game 4 till andrew benintendi homered off a first time reliever justin very lander in the fifth that gave sox a three two advantage but chris sale was in his fifth inning of relief in the eighth was charged with two.

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