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Which just has me drooling over here. Aren't we like fitzpatrick about another guy or two whether their value or a little bit further down or are you like the ownership projections rich rick. As we're building our lineups in in trying to get rich. Yeah the sixty nine hundred dollar. Mark is projecting. Right to by far the most popular a golfer in this in this area. So i would make a very easy pivot to jason coke rack who i have almost a third of the ownership of corey. Connors and co crack has also piled up three consecutive top tens in those difficult events leading up to this one. And then you go a little further down and you get to the sixty five hundred dollar mark and here. I'm probably okay. Eating the chuck this is ryan palmer ryan palmer project right now at about eleven percent. Everybody else around him is. Is you know two three four percent projections right now. I'm okay with this ryan palmer has been one of if not the most valuable fantasy golfer for eighteen months. He pops off it really difficult courses in great fields to see him at sixty five hundred dollars on you know this pricing came out. It was it was a staggering. Rick game in is with us all right so if we go rum can't lay in our first lineup. Put fits coke rack and palmer and there that's still gives us seventy seven hundred dollars to work with which means we could go with a his english who you have projected at About one percent ownership could go with say wills zell taurus. We want a Debutante could go with louise's ties. Jason day adam scott or could reach up four chalky paul casey out of that group Where are you finding the advantage rick. And and and how're you. Maybe give me to those guys that you like if we're Maybe grab one three of our lineups. So i will i will tell you. I don't think the answer is paul. Casey for that lineup. Because i think it would push you over the. I think it'd be a little bit too. Chalky but i have to. I have to tell you. Chris paul casey. The reason he's popular. he's been phenomenal. You know the the strokes guaranteed green from january. First he's like second or third on tour..

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