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His residency from New York to Palm Beach there's a congressional Democrat in a key Michigan district who is now well he stepped out of line but quickly got pulled back after suggesting the kids to see the value in impeaching president trump with the election less than a year away is representative Brenda Lawrence suggesting censoring the president instead but she backed off counselor to the president kellyanne Conway agrees there's no value in trying to impeach tribe Shane made very clear that we're so close to the next election that that gives her paws as well so that's that's something that we say often but here you have a demo and a democratic member of Congress saying it as well leadership got tour Lawrence's since released a statement saying she supports impeachment Wall Street just keeps on making money but that is an inconvenient fact for the left as well as the media KGH is close Saunders live with that yeah Dow closed on a record high the S. and P. five hundred hit a record this year said at the nasdaq one star college Khan was take Lewis says credit must be given to trump's policy of using regulation there are some policies that trump in the Congress of advance they've been very good for a lot of businesses overall yes business is booming partly because of that and yes those kind of policies have been helpful here's the problem the mainstream media is ignoring all this the left trying to tell you things are not good Lewis says this is not what he learned when he took a journalism class sold by the faculty member was reporter she must report the names news people report the news therefore just the facts and they let the public make initiation dozens of twenty percent this year best annual gain since twenty seventeen twenty seventeen okay got it thanks cliff five oh five is our news time now well you may not realize it so we're telling you early voting in the runoff election gets under way is Houston's municipal run off elections Houston voters will decide the race for mayor and city council Harris County GOP chair Paul Simpson hoping for a much smoother December run off the November's general election there are states that it reported for Harris County did and I think that's just because they're trying to rush in the system that's not ready since it says you can find information on city council candidates on the Harris County GOP website we have an interest questionnaires that a lot of submitted into voting histories and it's just a wealth of information in collection like this early voting will pause over thanksgiving weekend but resume Monday December second through Tuesday December tenth Nick right commits newsradio seven forty key T. R. H. as hard as it is to understand or even believe more small towns now seeking a so called home rule petition to allow people as young as sixteen years of age to vote now it doesn't apply to federal elections true the votes Catherine Engelbrecht says there is a method to this madness we've got plenty enough to worry about in our electoral process without adding more confusion by the creation of localized standards that ultimately and invariably find their way into the federal goals and continue to come up and already very gummy process yeah I just like the push to allow illegal aliens devote Engelbrecht Billy's lowering the voting age is just the left plan to expand their voter rolls and draw a lot of confusion even into the federal system do you think the voting.

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