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And chiefs achieve fight certification by twenty twenty. Six and of course will be very expensive. A lot of electric stations starves are competing brisk company bring in aftermarket even as wooo copter released this new design the company's primary focus on launching an air taxi service so which we use a smaller velocity aircraft in singapore by twenty twenty three. So we'll see what happens here. They have to go through the eu aviation safety administration and the case a singapore the relevant aviation authority there and good luck getting it here in america so those of you that are signing up for apple music may know that with the release of iowa's fourteen point six release candidate apples preparing to release apple music lossless so those view that Our audience files and this is exciting news. But you have earbuds. Those aren't going to support it. But they believe that. There's a truly new wireless in ear. Beats remember. apple owns beats that are going to be coming to market. So they think this is what is going to be part of the announcement sometime in early june about the lossless apple music offering now amazon announced something today as well. I'll get to that here in a few minutes. But based on what. The folks at nine to five mac found beats studio. Buzz also feature an apple chipped offer instant pairing in the. Hey siri feature compared to cured powerbeats pro beats maybe pizzas of by apple by. I thought it was But anyway we'll see an according to apple cordy rubers apples also working third generation airpods but no mention those were found in today's irs. Release so we'll see and Gave a good internet connection. Be able to listen to lossless. Music nopd a crappo. Mp threes that you get to listen to now quote unquote. Facebook is interestingly once other companies to use their oversight board. Why would i want us. Facebook's oversight or facebook the oversight board halibut solve its most difficult content moderation decisions but though the body is often referred to as the facebook supreme court baseball executives have suggested some of their peers could one day benefit from the board services to now such a move would have obvious benefits facebook which would be able to claim their experiment with self-regulation is so successful that their competitors choice chose to join in. But can you imagine being a competing platform and what incentive there is to doing so so it's interesting. It's an interesting idea but Anyway there's very long article on this about the potential. The white people won't and facebook's political play in this regard so again i think competing platforms have little incentive to participate in going to facebook way now if you're buying cryptocurrency i want you to listen. There's a lot of cryptocurrency movements right now. It's up down a down a down and there's a lot of people making accounts impersonating people making wild claims elon. Musk has been impersonated. The most but elon musk. Impersonators have stolen more than two million dollars in cryptocurrency since october. You should never ever send your cryptocurrency that you have purchased this summer. That's going to say. I'm going to double triple or quadruple your money because once you send that money to someone it is gonna promises of guaranteed huge returns or claims your cryptocurrency will be multiplied are always scams always scams. The ftc said in its report. It was released today for years. Scammers has poed as musk and order fraud. Social media users out of cryptocurrency. They used his. Septic tap bigs on sites like twitter off using the same avatar images as moscone account and slightly misspelling his username pretending to be musk's scammers aspect gibson. See to a specific wallet dressed in exchange for receiving large payments in return. This goes against twitter's policy on deceptive accounts. But they can't keep up with everything since last. October consumers have reported losing more than eighty million dollars in cryptocurrency scams increasing more than ten full year over ear and consumers who's around nineteen hundred dollars on average through these scams and again two million because of people impersonating elon. Musk so Be very very wear. Okay don't send your grip delta. Nobody goofy you know the cameras. I don't have any. Up cameras but some of you have up cameras in your baby rooms. Movie blames a software bug for breach expose users video footage to strangers and another thing. People are doing if you buy. Listen to me if you buy a camera system security system that's wired in. Your house is ip based those cameras have used any password loggins. And if they guess you'd have your network set up they'll never jump across but you have to be very very careful. Make sure you change the username and passwords for those cameras so that you don't get trouble k. Just beware of that because you can so all my cameras have a administrative username password. That i implemented. It's not the public one or one that's not even exist so Be careful on these on these digital cameras that ub blames it software bug for breach expose users video and they quote unquote fix they tell to unplug your device and plug it back in. I guess that's what's it'll beat but It's been going on for a couple of days. Apple watch launches a pride edition band celebrate. Lgbtq plus community the new band celebrating the community on the international day against homophobia chance via and bi phobia so Show your support. Michael went out there and Getting the pride edition band so Kinda cool cooper apple to do that link. Be up the show notes. She could find information about it. Amazon's launching a new help safety initiative designed to have workplace injuries. Now listen to this. Apparently they get a lot of people get hurt in their warehouses. The new program launching i nited states includes physical and mental exercises helping eat healthy eating tips and mindfulness and meditation tools amazon else working. Well a new slate of health and safety initiatives aimed at reducing workplace injuries working wells part e commerce science three hundred million dollar investment into safety projects with the goal of cutting recordable instance by fifty percent by twenty twenty five amazon said that forty percent were really. The injuries include sprains and strains from predator moshe according to release pilot programs from working. Well help.

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