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So even without making any moves what you're doing is trading and wait to future for something that you think is going to bring you present day success when you might already got it team. I already good enough to go win. You can't say that about this chiefs defense, I'm say that twenty first in points is about points talked me about no yardage one. Hey about those. I don't wanna hear about anything except for the points on that scoreboard. Twenty first ranked twenty first. Chiefs though. And you've you've seen the defense. I mean, it was bad at the beginning of the year. They've admitted that the tackling was bad, but you've seen the past few weeks. It's been good performances against the Jags. And the Bengals I thought you had a passable performance against the Broncos. You're thinking about the future on deadline day. If they I mean, I think the chiefs must've thought where a player away in that players Eric berry what they had to have thought. That could that could have been in somebody's mind. I think it just comes down to if you like the guys in the locker room while you're gonna mess with the chemistry. I like the guys I'm going to work with the Gaza coaching up. I like the guys that I see take the feel and where are chief uniforms and go play hard as they can to get us to the point. We all right now. Why do I want to bring in a Jacksonville Jaguars Dante Fowler who off? How do I want to bring in anybody to commence up the chemistry? We already have for what it's worth. Andy Reid is said since the beginning of this these guys play together, and they've stuck with that. They didn't go and get somebody. The disconnect for me though, Sean is two three weeks ago. Whatever was a month ago, you were ready to go. You're ready to go and get somebody. And then these performances over the past few weeks change that in your mind or was it a phantom Eric report that okay, he's going to be reading a few weeks? I mean, we don't really know what it was. But what changed from when you're ready to go and get Earl Thomas today? I didn't want Earl Thomas, so your price. They wanted second round pick. I didn't want. No, I say I will give you threes and fours to get rid of to give it some some depreciate values depreciate athletes doing later. Anyway, let them do and you see the Seahawks and turn things around. Now they start running body play a little defense. There aren't they doing? I right now. So you know, them getting rid of Earl Thomas a little bit of a dish. Subtraction. Maybe the team actually got better starts tonight and realize without Earl Earl Thomas, and all his everything me me me me. Shaken hands. But how you but I am not ready on this program on a nice day on a Tuesday night to go down. The addition by subtraction road dish achieves fat program. John the elephant in the room talking about it tonight. Clark hunt spoke to the media yesterday. And speaking of Eric berry, I was wondering you know, what have we heard from the chiefs is Eric berries literally day to day. He's he's literally day-to-day. So I said, you know, what I'm gonna go ask the owner. What is your interpretation of this because we haven't gotten anything literally day to day, sir? It's been seventy nine days. Well, it's no different than what you heard from Andy or Rick burkholder literally as day to I do know that nobody's working harder rehab, the New York or young man who loves the game of a ball in wants to be out there on the field. And as soon as he feels he's ready. He's gonna be out there. Literally day to day today literally is day to day. Don't be playing audio chicks and stuff. Let them say he said he says day-to-day Andy's leave the word literally today. Literally no-no doesn't mean just been data day. It's been literally day to day. It's been the longest day to day stretch in the history of the NFL. It has to be and literally is is on the index card. That's handed to these guys..

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