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My stupid Dacles all fucked up, and my hands are mess now barely disclosed to hiring. A guy beat me off this close. It's not gay. Be guy though, it would be about a weirdo buried Jesus Christ. I went out with your hands. Fuck up, it's not fucking cheating. It's like the handicapped parking space into fuck and gals that you're not an asshole view park. Upfront legitimate reason, no clouds mean attack over here. Hands are fucked up in all the stupid things. But does your doctor neurologist he say all this activity is constantly sort of keeping you connected in pretty much hand eye coordination and just drills like that. And his work every day, not being lazy and just living a clean life. I gotta say I was saying to my guys when they said, Freddie, Roach going to come in and talk to said, how's he doing like it's in good shape? Can he do conduct an interview because if you years ago, I think you're more symptomatic than you are now? And so I was doing a math where he was shaking shaking a bit a few years ago. What's he like now in he is night and day, which you don't really see when people have at disease normally gets progressively worse. So is there medication thing or treatment than unaware? I Dave Indication indication's. for times day, and he is how the doctor like well, you can change that one little bit. And he says, well, you doing really well you have that. I makes me a little bit tired. He won't say we're right now because he's doing so. Well, okay. He won the arguments. You know what I love about? Freddie Roach, other than again, just very interesting American story, transcends boxing. I think you and teddy. Atlas must be the two most honest people on the planet. I've never heard unbridled honesty come out of to happened about being the same sport. But I don't know if you're friends with teddy atlas, but I've never heard either one you dodge question or say anything, but exactly what was on your mind. Not speaks his mind to be dick just speaks his mind. The question pretty teddy. And I when when he when he quit my Moore and Comoro he's little Matt you ma-ma the pass away gave me like nicest phone, call all time is very very very kind of do that. And it was unexpected. And. So I can't say any bad guys hadn't really talked for longtime. Never. Yeah. We winning going same together one time because he felt like he stole his fighter. Guess there's a certain amount of that in life. I remember when I took Panama Lewis guy back in the day mum's pretty pissed for while. But we've we've we've banded. I don't know if you've talked to Panama awhile, he's probably dead Nazi dead. Now. He's yeah. Well, I haven't spoken while. But if he's creek Japan Telecom said, hi. Tell me what you feeling. Panama is a crazy famous fighter and he trained God, the guy fought Alexis, grow Jesus, what's his name one really one of the best fighters ever. Who's never never gets mentioned crystal. Look it up on his on his phone rail. Funny prior Aaron Pryor. Visit aarp. Yeah. Air prices. Yeah. One thing that's nice about being these these press junkets, the only time he goes guy fought our ground seventy four. Okay. You don't get that at the puff Aor the relent. Well, that's a twenty year old. Air prior. Earn prior man that guy that guy was fucking great fighter. And I mean, his fight with electric rail is. They twice I know. But the first by I fight is at pick. And it is certain. He's beating the shit out. Alexis was like the biggest unbeaten fee, non whatever and has certain point Alexa, GRA hits it with an uppercut. That's like a Mike Tyson. Uppercut just crazy crazy and air price. Head a rock them sock of Lulu goes up staring at the chandelier the ballroom like literally goes up to ninety degrees. That's how hardy hit a he just kinda got back down and got settled and got back over Panama Lewis was in the corner going give me the water and the guys like, okay. Not that water the water I met. Later on. Tap water. You a water? My one special mix water. That was a great line. Water. I managed. It's just water. Okay. Anyway, see Panama tell Mesa he's done Florida. He's still around still moms feel about a I little bit..

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