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And I thought he did fine in that respect. He was never a great worker. But he was an attraction. And you could still be an attraction of panel correctly, and I we were just trying to, how do we handle him correctly? How do we not expose his weaknesses and things of that nature? Can he stay healthy, et cetera, et cetera, so it was a lot of crossroads we're going through. A lot of stops and starts starts to start. So it worked out pretty well. The big story on raw is revolving around hunter and how he's been lifelong friends or so it seems with Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash and they're all best Friends, but now they're at complete odds with each other and this is fun and O three, but I can only imagine how much more fun this would have been and say 96 or 97. Speaking of 96, 97, a name from the past pops up in the observer. This is a quote from Dave. There was actually talk of bringing in Tony schiavone for a few weeks to announce raw, the feeling is they have to keep Jim Ross off TV several weeks to sell the angle, and everyone knows Jonathan coachman is terrible. But Kevin Dolan nixed the idea, man, how fun is that to think about Tony schiavone calling a raw? What do you think of that idea? No problem with it, you know, all for Tony get more work and get him to make it a more paydays. It was met with a lukewarm reception. And that was what he said, Kevin Dunn, was not a big schiavone fan, apparently, but what we're talking about here. And he put the quad Bosh to that deal. And he used a homegrown guide, Jonathan coachman, to step in my set in my chair for a while. So it was a learning experience. I went to TV every week, not knowing exactly what was going on without going to be back on this week. I was going to be a vignette or what's going on. So again, more questions than answers. That's not always a bad thing. All right, listen up, guys. I've got a little pro tip for you for Father's Day.

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