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Weather that will you know, will be expected in December and hopefully in the general that you do have to have some semblance of a running game, and they spent their bye week working on it, and it's been only one week so small sample size. But at least that Schultz. What's pretty good, and you know, we'll see tomorrow night against the 40 Niners. Whether they keep that up, then you get a neutral site game. You're not at home, but you're not necessarily on the road, either. Because you're not playing in the 49 years Stadium. Gotta go with down the Arizona Arizona and see if you can beat the 40. Niners preparation any different this week coming up knowing that you're not playing even though you're not playing in your stadium, you're playing somewhere else. We just don't get neutral site games in the NFL. Maybe I'm getting too excited about it. But anything different or either in preparation, or said by the team that was different from what you usually get. No, not really. I mean, they were just out there. They played the Cardinals back, and I think it was weak 10 before thereby so, if anything, They're familiar with the stadium. They're familiar with Probably the hotel that they were staying in the getting to the to the game. That kind of thing. So you know, maybe a slight advantage to the bills, just in the sense of that there is some familiarity. But obviously, you know, San Francisco plays there every season being in the Cardinal's division, so I think it's pretty much a wash. Uh, you know, I think, if anything, it hurts San Francisco maybe a little bit more than it hurts Buffalo just because They do lose. You know the familiar the familiarity that comes with playing at home, even if it is without fans. So, uh, maybe a small small advantage for the bills, but not much different team but same stadium as a tough, tough loss a couple of weeks ago and and one that could have been a great win. Did they do they don't mean this from a negative standpoint, but What do they think about that walking in and that bitter taste They had a couple of weeks ago after Cuyler Murray's hell, Mary. No, I mean, maybe, you know, maybe a little bit. I think you know, sure that trumpet there, but he's a guy who looks for motivation wherever you can find it. He's probably telling his team before the game, eh? Let's go out and, you know, erased some bad memories that we've got from this place. But, you know, different opponent so I don't know how much they're really putting into that again. I think you know. If anything, you know they're familiar with the field. They're familiar with the way that the game is played in that stadium, so I'm sure I'm sure they'll try to use that to their advantage. And as I said, you know the shot. McDermott is A guy that looks for much. I don't know if we lost dare not attack like we did. So okay. We lost J. So we apologize for that. And we certainly want to thank J for his time. He certainly was doing a great job with us talking about the 40 Niners and the bills coming up tomorrow night is the bills go for win number nine, And of course, that would certainly give them a little more of a cushion in the A F. C East with the Dolphins right there, and Now the 500 marks are the Patriots will come back in just a couple of moments and wrap things up with Jim Wechsel of Students Digest and in just a moment, But right now you want to give you the latest CBS Sports Radio update. Here's Erica Herskowitz. See me? Yes. Sports flag..

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