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And then he went on to say went on to say everybody above decks you know the more senior folks the question i hear from them more often again remember this not binary but the question i'm hearing more often than i've heard in the past is this matter does what i do make a difference no one of the aspects of the relationship between the president and the intelligence community is the president's daily brief and specifically the impersonal briefing in the interaction that the president has with some representative of the intelligence community every morning what is that like under donald trump from what you've heard so it's from what i've heard i've not been in the room and i and i admitted in the book that most of what i've learned tracks to earlier rather than later in the administration so one hopes you know is everyone kinda hits stride it gets better that it's been described as hopping around okay that you don't stay on topic a lot you go from the intel point to somebody talking about the news to somebody talking about policy somebody going to the news to getting back to the intel brief i had i had one one person who had actually been in the room said if you had recorded this end transcribed it would read it would read like a james joyce and i think that you said in the book that the common refrain in the icy is quote do you think he got that.

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