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The correct line is what they've told me I should do. I pushed for the reforms. We are still pushing for reforms even if reforms day. My view is that I would not accept anything less than their forms, but the view of the people is that Mr. lead us to Kenan lead us to victory, lead us to a news in it will be the country's first election since Robert Mugabe was forced out of office late last year after nearly four decades in power. I asked the BBC's Shing. Guy, New Yorker in Harari for more on Mr.. Chemmy says, comments. You had some very strong words for the electoral commission that he's, he described them as being stubborn as being arrogant. And essentially, he's he claims. They are supporting the ruling Zanu PF party in rigging. These elections, the the movement for democratic change held a marathon meeting with its alliance partners to discuss the issue of of withdrawing from these elections which are just days away. What he said is that personally, he would have wanted to withdraw. But then after consulting with the different structures and groups and the different parties, they decided they would still go ahead with with the elections, but clearly they're not happy and they say, whatever result will not be legitimate results because of the concerns that they have been a lot of excitement about this election being the first one since Robert Mugabe left. Our, how do symboblic feel? Well, there is a lot of excitement and it's reflected in the sheer number of political parties and independence and candidates who are standing. They Twenty-three presidential candidates affi- fold increase from the average, the fifty five political parties, thousands of parliamentary candidates. I've spoken to many Zimbabweans on the street and the opinion is divided. Some of them believe that very little change. Zanu PF takes power, but among different interest groups, especially the white community. For example, they really believe that Donald PF might be able to deliver on Emerson mnangagwa's might be able to deliver in in a way that Robert Mugabe wasn't Shingai New Yorker in Harari. Rescue workers in Greece are searching for large numbers of missing. People have to wildfires swept across vast areas near Athens, killing at least seventy nine people firefighters say they've received dozens of calls from frantic relatives and friends, but the exact number missing is not clear. The prime minister, Alexis tsipras has declared three days of mourning. The thority suspect. Some fires may have been started deliberately. James Reynolds reports from the badly affected resort of Monty. You could see how close safety was for a lot of people here in Mattie this street, which is entirely burned out there. Child caused on either side is just about one hundred meters away from the ocean. I can see it passed a couple of burnt down trees. And of course for years people here thought that is the thing that would save him. There was a forest fire, they would simply get to the scene, some of them manage to do so. Can you tell me your name? I had. I feeling that I can do almost nothing. That's Ron. They were a flame anywhere even close to the. I was trying to tell my wife who survived and will be okay. Did you believe what you were saying? Not really believe that this. The police have cordoned off one area in this resort, and I can just see in the distance, several people still searching through the ground. And this is where more than twenty people huddled as they were trying to escape and they all died. The authorities here trying to make sure that they've gone through every piece of ground here. Panayotis Golos stands next to a car with burns down the right side of his body. He's come back to find out what happened to his wife. Say, cut up when the fire came. The couple were together with that three year old son. Six thirty banning things to put them in the car. And on the moment we were gathered here who stunned by car. All cars were here. I took my baby around towards the sea while my my wife. I didn't know what happened. I think you've been yourself kid. You lost so have right here. Yeah, we're looking for. I left to the c. I think she, let's hear something and what was the last thing you said to him, but believe for the child, the child, the Charleston..

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