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Wait a minute. Hey what's up girl The sean hayes. Jones is in the building. What's up. Sean will robbins is here. Hello welcome morning. Mark mr one emoji. Johnson is here. Hello mike is good morning but market. You've more than one emoji lately. Are we going to have to change the name to miss the to emoji johnson going. That sister soldier is here. Hello shot a good morning. Johnny wapo is in the building. Johnny shutout to jacobs. Hey me good morning. That cindy j. Little sister guys that you guys know that shot. He johnson is here. Hello shy he. Yeah sean go use that frank. Clyburn is he has a good morning to you. Sarah mc field is in the sarah are you knew I believe you are because your name is not Bringing about well if you are new we appreciate you watching. Please sarah makefield. We appreciate you wash. That's no lady so the show. We appreciate it. How did you hear about us and please share the show with your friend if we would appreciate it. The borough free ninety nine leslie is in the building. Hey deborah good morning to you shut up to alicia kennedy alicia kennedy at least you. Are you do as well. It's mojo go from brooklyn that's at least you was up. And all all whole crew out there in brooklyn within the us version knowledge. Why sir. I'm be for a whole month so you're going to be. I'll be going going gone for the month of july is. It took a week off this week month. And then We're gonna we're gonna be kaga. We need the whole damn versions for six days. I'm gonna come back here for two days. And then we'll go to costa rica and in prior to data got to go to denver before we go dago. Shell shampoo in the building. Hey shell while you're gonna get some limited shows in july and then we're going broke down in costa rica. julius julie mortar to you shutout. Sabah prentice come on mr robinson. Hey how are you nicole harris here. Good morning to you. Angela towels if in the bill the hager olga marlin nanna mathis is here. Hello nina dray showers in the building. What's up dre make a love is here. Haitian me good morning. Dear jackson is in the building. Hey good morning to you. Shut out to china france. Hello sean the baddest female the jersey. Yes she is unbelievable gas or that that would i women ball. She was. she's doing that. God follow her gaze. Unbelievable she don't even say a word she just plays music. She loves music. I like deejays like the atkins. Dj's who wanna talk every two minutes like dude let the music play. Let me hear my song please. Off your put most most holder fellas. Don't stop doing that because there's not. We don't want to hear you talk. You cut the song off soon as go to the good part. You want to know. don't do that. Let's stop playing. We want to hear you keep talking. We don't wanna hear that ain't pay is gay to hear you talk. I want to date. You gotta calm down calm. The holcombe is the thing is actually the the jersey. Dj's muhammed and all these guys in the office and in the in the closet a world. These guys really talk anyway. This great jersey guys don't don't really they lot of knobs they because they want they music to speak for example new york guys like they won't shut up they just won't shut the f up. Please stop we don't hear you. We believe the music hitting music. The only to qualify for that is like like i said we'll tracks may and lacks like these guys can talk over the music and have you on the dance floor rocket the dj's shut up. I setup just say your name and play your music. I mean every now and again you know you know. Say a little bit so we can. No you still an air you know but every couple seconds do stop in. We don't wanna hate you pay to get the dead. I hear you talk. Radio talk after the party. May angel johnson is here. Hello good mornin shadow to sharon bellas or hey girl. Good morning to you. Tim house is in the building. The queen is here. Y'all zion antler. Y'all say good morning to the queen because she has graced us with her presence. She has learned that net. Nestor rondo here. You go girl t for you there. You go nair john. Cochran is in the bill then. Good morning john mason jar download. Those apps. Fan radio in commodore net. And whatever else get them. Dawn smith is here. Hey doing ken black. It's in the building shutout to the godfather. Sola tracy ray allen swab mcallister's here. Hello allen. good morning to you natalie. Right if in the building shelby as here. Hey show be good morning to you. feliciano peres. Miriam is there. Hey miriam more than twenty dollar tricky in the bed. hey tricky good morning Shutout to do boys. Pamela morning girl. Hey the sean be x. is in the building. what's up showing shoutout to non-roma volvo johnson. Haibo good morning. Then w m dixon this here. Hey cousin good morning to you. Tiffany thompson is here. Richard none is in the building. Your shot i made you check his pero at wolf nation dot com yossi. He's ordered to spas back there. You see it in the walk diane hall. We santa diane hall is in the building. Terrible leaf got is here. Hey league good morning to you Dj romaine roman house. Hey rome and yet those all the things that i have seen today of you are here aware here. You have to let me know. Say hi so. I can write your name down and you know we can get you from next one job. Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you bye. I'll station in rochester and also our stationed shallow sponsored by w. f. lx rochester new york and ninety four point five the blaze louisville kentucky and the remainder of the show will be sponsored by family radio app. Please if you don't mind this hang out over. There were four tricky at twelve noon. Lunch with tricky. So if you have if you're new to the show pleases to apps that we require for you to Download if you don't mind is family radio app and also commun- radio network before we get into Front page news gonna do one quick news story out here. We don't. i want to and great job. Today bore a barbie princess. Hawks no pause black artist. Chabrol the original chapman member to fax. Bk's finest stanley earl. Mr jackie robinson himself. He's in there. He's in here. Because i'm keeping a close eye. Donald brooklyn nets. I don't. I'm gonna admit i'm not a hater..

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