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Screen so having heredia sent i know the team has offered an explanation that the team has a bunch of righties coming up that they're going to face and rather heavy throw in the roster than the right handed batting heredia for the next little stretch and then they'll figure something out later on but this has happened because i think the team knows that they need to lose each wrote but they just can't they don't know how to do it so while i don't think this is going to be something catastrophic tanks season it's just a very uncomfortable circumstance that was spectacularly easy to see coming this was an inevitability for the most part the team is going to have to come to terms with what to do with the drew and less i don't know if the hope is like heredia would just get injured too or or what they thought was going to happen maybe mitch haniger will take another pitch the face god bless them or something's going to happen to who's in right field i already forgot embarrassing i really should have been paying closer attention the mariners right field or of course is mitch haniger and d gordon centerfield that's what treat me shoe second baseman centerfield anyway the team can survive and move on after like it'll be a few weird days if and when they drop each row but like each row is not the type it seems like if we all read the right thompson feature article these probably not going to walk away of his own volition ken griffey junior did retire sees negro wants to play another six years well mariners you put yourself yourselves in this situation and there's just no easy way out of this and so they can demote heredia but that makes people very upset because he's yeah i thought we'd be talking about this in june or something maybe and we're talking about it all ready so i wouldn't each has pride in his performance like if if he knowledge is that he's not good anymore.

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