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And i thought i guess i could make product it's what i do anyway and it's what i'm good at its the one time i don't think guests myself i don't have any doubt when it comes to design so i had a blackberry this is years ago i looked at my blackberry in every single person and my blackberry i reached out to that was what i considered an influence or even though they weren't using that term that long ago and i asked him if i could have their signature to make a bag for the children of pakistan and this was at that time when our government thought that pakistan was hiding in some unsavory people and so to get like the ceo of bergdorf and the ceo of macy's and great and carter the former editor in chief of vanity fair to give their signatures and give it quickly knowing knowing that i was going to sell the product in stores were people could see their name and you know have possibly negative negative impact on their own business that meant so much to me but really what i was hoping it would say is it's not about politics it's just about helping the kids and this list of names with oprah you know it's funny little side note to that story all of the really big names like oprah signed like this and when you look at the list i made him an emissary you actually have open your phone while it then on our show so i didn't.

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