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Our to the Saturday morning update on WMA joined each week by John gizine as the White House correspondent chief political columnist at news com. And we'll have John for two primary reasons. Number one. He can connect the dots. On a lot of the stories. We see during the week, and he can give us a perspective of past precedents. When it comes to today story, so John good morning. Great to have you with us. To be here. And I have said on many occasions to use the title of an old television show that was the week that was that was the Friday that was at the White House because it appeared that there was sort of a different strategy. The vice-president did a TV interview in the morning. President Trump met with reporters after this meeting with the Slovakian prime minister, we had Sarah Sanders out on the White House lawn. We had Larry cudlow out there. Connect the dots for us. Well, very simply the administration is launching an offensive too. And I hope you will pardon the phrase move on dot org from the Muller report. There's a lot of crisis in the world beginning with Venezuela in such incendiary situation. Right south of our own border to Iran whose economy collapsed last week to North Korea or the press. Is still in touch with the government of Kim Young on and still hopes to make some kind of deal with them on arms. And of course, there's the Muller report on the day. I might add that it was reported that the jobless rate was the lowest in forty nine years one could call this. I'm effort to simply get the dialogue on foreign policy and economics rather than Muller and alleged Russian collusion. I might add that Sarah Sanders in one of her rare. But increasingly noticeable briefings this time in the White House driveway. She did point out that the president spoke to Russian President Putin yesterday morning much of the talk was on Venezuela and North Korea. But he. Also assured him what Sarah said Putin knew all along that there was no Russian collusion. Any cited the conclusion of the special prosecutor overall, this is an administration, which is widely accused of being out of touch with the media obscuring facts being obstreperous with reporters if not downright cold and yet all their top spokesman out there front and center, I might add on a very very hot day between the president walking onto the helicopter or answering questions and a cabinet meeting, or when he's meeting with a foreign leader, even telephone call on on a radio interview, he's very very acceptable. At least every other days out there if not every day, sometimes Sarah Sanders. This president has taken more questions from people and reporters than any other president. And that is true still, and I can say this from personal experience the nationally televised briefings in the afternoon are missed reporters from smaller publications that cannot afford someone to be at the White House. Twenty four seven missed the one opportunity they have to get an answer back from the president stop spokeswoman. So while it is true. That more is being disseminated from the White House, and there's a greater reach it ain't the way it was contentious hearings on Capitol Hill for the attorney general William bar and the way it's ended out with Jerry Nadler, threatening a possible contempt of congress. It reminds me of the airi'q holder affair. Found in contempt of congress. And I want to read a quick paragraph from politico, June twenty eighth twenty twelve the house voted to hold attorney general Eric Holder in contempt of congress over his failure to turn over documents related to the fast and furious scandal. The first time congress has taken such a dramatic move against a sitting cabinet official. In a statement released by his office. Holder blasted the contempt vote as politically motivated and misguided. Quote. Today's vote is the regrettable coma nation of what became a misguided and politically motivated investigation during an election year shape of things to come Eric Holder, by the way was voted in contempt of congress by the full house of representatives two hundred and fifty five to sixty seven with seventeen Democrats voting to hold him in contempt and two Republicans voting against. The major the rest of the Democrats led by then minority leader Nancy Pelosi angrily walked out of the house chamber in protest. Eric Holder was eventually acquitted of any wrongdoing following an investigation by you guessed it, the inspector general of the Justice department. My guess is that if chairman Nadler pursues, the same course of contempt. He's going to be reminded of the dismissive responses by his fellow Democrats when Republicans tried to pursue the same course against Eric Holder now mind, you this William bar is being harangue because of his interpretation of special prosecutor's report. Eric Holder was being harangued. And eventually cited for contempt because of alleged misinformation and untruths about arms that went across the border in operation fast and furious, and led to the death of a US border patrolman either way, I suspect that if this is pursued and follows its course another inspector general for the Justice department will clear attorney general bar Joe Biden is having kind of a bumpy ride. He's getting pretty hard from Donald Trump, and it's getting pretty hard from some of the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party any stepped in it over Dick Cheney. This is the problem of someone with a long political career and a residue of votes and comments they can come back to bite when the fashion changes as vice president he commented that his predecessor Republican Vice President Dick Cheney was and I quote, a decent guy unquote who had been very good with him on advice about being vice president. Of course, we know that Cheney to Democrats is Darth Vader at this point. And to say anything nice about him is verboten. The criticism is starting already. In addition. It's been reported that Joe Biden wants said many nice things expressing his this for his opposite. Number on, the Senate Judiciary committee, Republican Senator Strom Thurmond. Of South Carolina. Sermon is younger politician was a segregationist who ran for president on the state's rights ticket in nineteen forty eight in his later years embraced civil rights and voted to confirm blacks to high positions. Nonetheless, he is identified in history as a segregationist or he is when it's useful to those were writing history today who don't like Joe Biden, this reporter can also chat you being a luncheon for the retirement of Senator Jesse Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. The speaker was the democratic ranking member on the committee, Joe Biden of Delaware who spoke about how well he worked with chairman Helms, even though they disagreed on many issues and he presented him with an award. Lebron's microphone citing the senators work on behalf of voice of America. And the US information aging. See Dick Cheney Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms. Not exactly people that wants to be identified with seeking the democratic nomination for president in two thousand twenty good point John busy, White House correspondent political columnist at Newsmax dot com. Follow John on Twitter at John giddy. Seven seventeen time for traffic.

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