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Most handsome of men okay and when he passed away there were stories about him on what he was on his jet with a waitress from believe the university club downtown that he had his his grandma and the pilots had to testify in the estate hearing about what went on and one of the pilots sit well there were times when we saw so and so on her knees performing certain pleasure maneuvers cleaning it on on hugh culverhouse and the mirror thought of that happening on a jet like that on a man who was not in any way shape or form an attracted a guy at all that just destroys everything about the five what is the bile high club but in any event but it was just a great event and and put your dave what's go over the menu yet a brady's teeny we needs which with a little mini seillans hot dogs in the pulp pastry i love that yeah the turned out real to actually taste the damn damn good had a little creamy buffalo sauce on top of them so we did we have the many many sold that wink balls the bacon rent meatball top with cream sauces that was great up that's the up one a colonel and his favorites to sultan loved one of those guys just gave writing give the puffy just wanted to say okay three of them and then for the entrees the nick fools philly flyer that was huge and that was the whole chicken with spreadeagle on at role and this kind of how you get your peppers onions probe loan chiefs can get your hands around but well i'll tell you what i win or what but when i started a crunch into the bones that was a little extremely hard on the on the chopping show next year we're going to we're going to go for like uh pulverise patriot wrap actually that was pretty good it was rescue baltimore would say that was wicket good that was an ice combination of lobster schramm grab all pulverised in a rap present patriots are going to get over over is the athlete had a nice bonecrunching bike to it because of wixom poor ta chips at it also uh that was the key then we have the growing caskey cuban grinder we took the best of polish and the.

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