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Around different publications podcasts and pundits, the three P's saying that maybe that wouldn't be the best for the U.S. in the World Cup. We saw Weston McKinney again for the first time since his injury his foot injury. He was back for 45 minutes, understandable that he wouldn't be necessarily at his very, very sharpest. At this point, we had to get those guys reps every opportunity that you can. Dave, let me ask you this. Is MMA? Is there a, is there a question about MMA at this point? With aronson sort of excelling at the 8 with raina, playing with the ball somewhere in Austin and we assume getting back for Dortmund soon as they're become a question mark in midfield for the U.S. that seemed to be sort of accepted gospel, a very recently. So I would spend the question a little and say, no, the question, the question is not, can it not work? It's more there's other talent that could deserve to be in those spots and can play. Which I think that's what shifted in my mind. We're coming out of qualifying. We had seen Brendan aronson inside he hadn't played well there. So that kind of had gone away GRE and obviously is hurt, hadn't played in a while. And it felt like those three had completely elevated themselves in that they were good enough to win in that space together and they could play well together, where now you have aaronson and I think play successfully for two games inside will obviously now head to the primary league where if he's playing in that position weekend and week out, that puts pressure on those guys, especially if moose is not playing that position. If Tyler's not starting, not that Brennan aaronson's putting pressure on Tyler. And there was the McKinney obviously we've seen her at times. Moved around in the past at uve and now he's settled in more centrally..

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