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About a third in Milwaukee and then a third going home yes for the continuation of spring training it could happen but maybe not in Arizona or Florida where spring training is we're looking for the continuation of spring training is when we restart has not been determined today Major League Baseball pushes back opening date until mid may eight at the earliest but I go see it when it was open for NFL teams and free agents to discuss contract terms Packers inside linebacker Christian Kirksey agreed to a two year deal worth a reported sixteen million dollars courtesy of the likely replacement for free agent linebacker Blake Martinez the Packers have the offense of line agreeing to terms with west Dallas native Ricky Wagner two years eleven million for the former badger that likely means the end of Bryan Bulaga in a Packers uniform at a potential Packers free agent target is off the board the Cleveland Browns will make Austin Hooper the highest paid tight end in the NFL when he starts a four year forty four million dollar deal that Johnny was by far and away the the best tight end of the free agent market him have the Packers Gaudet Hooper with that kind of deal it would be eaten up more than half of their salary cap space so we didn't want to get into a bidding war and hoping they can solve the tight end issue perhaps down the road all right Greg a lot to keep track of thank you Greg with the sun sports all afternoon a couple things we're gonna talk about later on Greg including Steve Novak box what's happening with that with that coming up at three fifty one here's the phone number that could emerge talking text line is eight five five six one six one six twenty the question is should the governor shut down all bars and restaurants they've done this in Illinois they've done it in other states some doctors are recommending this be the case should we shut it all down eight five five six one six one six twenty your direct line to.

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