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There. I'm Darren Copeland and Ko a news radio like everywhere on the I Heart radio app blocks 31 pinpoint weather Partly cloudy tonight with a low of 60 tomorrow mostly sunny with a record high of 97. Right now it is 77 degrees. Our top story on KOA news radio President Biden outlining executive orders designed to slow and end the latest surge in covid cases that includes requiring many workers to get the shots. The president praising 75% of the nation that has received the vaccine, but we still have nearly 80 million Americans will fail to get the shot. So President Biden hopes to force them to do it or lose their job is requiring it for all federal workers and contractors and his Labor Department will tell companies with more than 100 workers to either require the vaccine or do weekly testing something Some Republicans say they will challenge in court. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington, Colorado is seeing breakthrough cases of Covid 19. Among those already vaccinated for the illness. Dr Connie Price with Denver Health tells K away. Those cases are generally not resulting in hospitalizations we have in a few of our patients, but the large majority over 75% of those who are hospitalized are patients who have not been vaccinated. Price says They're seeing emergency room visits from people trying to treat themselves with unapproved remedies that includes ivermectin. No charges against the Arapahoe County sheriff over a bar fight. He says he was acting to defend his wife. After she was asked to step in Denver G A. Beth McCann says she will not charge Arapahoe County Sheriff Tyler Brown over a scuffle that happened at a Greenwood Village bar last month. In part, she reasoned that all parties were drinking. And their testimony is not reliable. She also said the potential victims of the sheriff do not wish to press charges. McCann called Brown's actions irresponsible and unprofessional for an elected sheriff. The sheriff says he was protecting his wife and looks forward to putting these events behind him. Cathy Walker Ko, a news radio Our high of 96 set a record in Denver today. The record heat arrived on Thursday. As expected, We broke the old record of 94 degrees set back in 1994. Unfortunately, that hot bubble of air is sticking around. So we're going to break another record on Friday. That record is 93 set in 2000 and 18. We're forecasting a high of 97 blocks. 31 chief meteorologist Dave Fraser says it will cool down next week, with highs in the low to mid eighties beginning Tuesday. The Justice Department suing Texas over a controversial new abortion law, Attorney General Merrick Garland told a briefing. The law is clearly unconstitutional under longstanding U. S. Supreme Court precedent. And to come back when for the Rockies, they beat the Phillies. 4 to 3. I'm Chad.

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