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Her Hey Skyler how are you this is doable from broken doable in the morning I'm dead nice I know I should continue that shot is speaking to you do you have you heard of the radio show broken two in the morning before yes I haven't listened to it that a friend of mine thanks well that's where I'm calling from and we do a segment on our show call the second eight update you probably don't know what that is all explain it it's where if you go out on a date with somebody and then end up not calling them back after that person can email us to get you on the phone and figure out what happened and we got an email about you from a dude named Ethan sorry a scout name anything we only got a second date update yes yeah so your your friend has told you about those yes well congratulations because you're about to be the star of one because Ethan is wondering why you won't come back after what he describes as a great first day what did you tell you the day god he's listed in the seventies yeah he told us that you guys really connected you had a lot of meat to conversations where it's like I like this me too I like this me too and ended the day with a collector he bought a duraflame log and then you guys had a campfire in the middle of the alleyway the it some more magic boy they told you guys made out everything else he thought it was great but now you're not calling back and doesn't know why yeah I mean it was a really sweet sentiment I guess but even though you can eat whatever you're cooking over the fire because the chemicals from the different log yeah also I don't know how okay that was the old wait it wasn't just like you run out of time and you meant to call him back like there's a reason you're not calling this guy back I don't know after the campfire I can tell that he really liked me and he was really sweet he probably home and right before he dropped me off he asked if he could take me on a weekend get away with it also like a very romantic thing ask but not after we chat Matt he was going out on a limb man I mean don't you want a guy to really like you at the end of the day yeah but it soon that he wanted to do that because he was just right now got me so you think you're getting that he doesn't wanna go on a we can get away for romance you just want to take you away so he could hook up with you yeah I thought of the fact that he asked me to go on a weekend get away at the timing you know like he asked me not to go back back like he wants to go next weekend and that's a red flag because how fast is he moving and other aspects you know if he does not know how to have a relationship but you can just come out of a car with that we should go on a few more alleyway cookouts and then maybe we can get away just off talking to yeah I mean it just it was a lie and I think it just threw me off guard so I guess they I should tell him that I've just been trying to think about how to say it in a way that's gonna hurt the feelings I have well okay I got good news for you than Skyler but you did say that because he's actually on the other line listing also talk to you what are you going while we got our I don't know that he was already there I guess I you guys are gonna column that's to be a part of these real big liars and been on the phone the whole time are you embarrassed Barrett you shouldn't be I'm glad you said all the stuff in there only makes sense I understand let's listen I mean like I'm a very romantic person when something inspires me to be very romantic all right and I understand that you have really strong feelings but like do you usually ask people out on vacation that's a lot but I don't know he in my shoes it's a little scary to go out of town with someone you don't really know yeah I got to see that now I I I guess I was wrapped up in the moment things like this just funded villian what else can we do that it's spontaneous like what we did tonight and we don't even have to like stay in the same bed or like hotel when we go off and like go on a trip or something together just I'm trying to I guess I was just trying to find ways or an excuse to spend time with you again you're asking me to go on a vacation we've only been on one date I need a flyer all definitely by Schuyler if he hadn't had said that where were you at on the date like all the way up until they ask you for a weekend get away what was your thought about him I was having fun you know I like I want to take things slow down I want to get to know someone you know like the date with great we we got to do something weird and crazy and fun and then obviously a very memorable date maybe this other weird crazy fun things you can do on a weekend get away like super weird I don't know really helping you the only reason why I feel like I am jumping ahead so quickly is I just call like we had a really awful plan and I don't know if you feel this way but I feel like I'm actually kind of falling for you where you're falling for me stuff like that even like you need to be careful about what you're saying because even early on you're right I'm sorry I'm just trying to figure out how to say what I'm feeling into it but I will I'm gonna slow my roll I can practice law in my role yeah if you just marry him Skyler hill slows role.

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Skyler discussed on Brooke and Jubal in the Morning

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