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Also recommend strict limits on social behavior. The pandemic poses an existential threat to many cast wrapped residential colleges and summer, reversing course on they're reopening plans. In part because of the cost associated with testing and other safety precautions. In Boston students already arriving back on campus. Thousands more are expected in the next 2 to 6 weeks. But it's unclear how many exactly for NPR news I'm Kirk Cara paisa in Boston. A new survey shows a rebound in U. S manufacturing following a sharp slowdown last spring. Details from NPR. Scott Horsefly, the survey shows. Both factory orders and production accelerated last month, continuing a rebound that began in June after a three month slop as the Corona virus took hold in the United States. Surveys suggest factory employment is still feeling negative effects the pandemic, But July's reading showed improvement from the previous month. Manufacturers in a variety of industries report business is picking up, but Warren prospects for the future remained very uncertain. Some report extra cost for safety measures designed to keep factory workers healthy. Food and beverage manufacturers are enjoying some of the strongest demand while factories that make transportation equipment continue to struggle. Scott Horsefly NPR NEWS Washington Wall Street stocks closed higher Monday, The Dow gained 236 points. U. S futures are mixed in after hours trading. This is NPR news. A Fed survey shows US banks tightened their standards for all types of loans in the second quarter loan officer side in a range of reasons, including a deterioration or potential, declining capital decrease liquidity in the secondary market. And concerns about legislative policy changes. The feds surveyed loan officers at 75 domestic banks as well as 22 US branches and agencies of foreign banks. The Trump Administration aid has been fired over her tweets against gay marriage and LGBTQ rights. That story from NPR's Michelle Kelemen merit. Corrigan served as a White House liaison for the U. S Agency for International Development and has been the subject of controversy for her anti LGBTQ views. In a Siri's of tweets. Corrigan accuses the media and Democrats of attacking her for her Christian beliefs. Let me be clear, she writes. Gay marriage isn't marriage Men aren't women, and she claims that the US is losing influence because quote we refused to help countries who don't celebrate sexual deviancy. A spokesperson for Yusa says merit Gorgon is no longer an employee at the agency. House Democrats said her history of homophobic and xenophobic rhetoric created a hostile environment. Michelle Kelemen. NPR NEWS Washington President. Trump says his administration plans to sue Nevada over a new law to send mail in ballots to every voter in the state. Trump has repeatedly claimed without proof that voting by mail will lead to rampant.

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