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Bustle who's never been to prosecute you're going to have to study this and then on the democratic side interesting and left governor don siegelman son joseph seagoing is running for turney joel on the democratic side and we've never met him we years it really really nice nice guy and then we have new jersey governor chris christie he's not coming our way down from new jersey birmingham attorney named chris christie is running on the democratic side and listen they all look like you know they all have their merits except for marshalls kinda he wouldn't be you know but don't dismiss this race this is one of the more important rises in the state this general election you have to take the attorney general very seriously they're there to protect the public there to weed out public corruption their job is very wide it's not narrow and we have to make a selection based on what we think is the most important thing that the top cop in the state attorney general has basically two responsibilities that is one to represent the state in court you know when state sued state has to do something in court he represents them and then the second one is to enforce the white collar to prosecute whitecollar crimes see we have da's district attorney's all across the state but but they really don't have the resources to prosecute white collar crime.

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