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It's my addiction to frisch's big boys. It's my diction to Montgomery and every week or two. I gotta have some of that by wife doesn't like meet that. But when she goes away on a vacation by herself or the girlfriends or whatever I wanna do it. So it's what addiction that we consider acceptable, what addictions, we consider unacceptable, and I consider it unacceptable to be a heroin addict and to be heroin dealer, and to be Fenton will talk about how many deaths and what's happening in the heroine. I ever a former client of mine who was a drug dealer in, in price hill. And he told me about two months, I ran into him at a service station. He said, businesses better now than it's ever been. He said, there's more people at thick that the heroin and Percocet and drugs in ever before. And he said businesses. Good wise business, so good in price hill, and maybe. Newtown? What will the why because it's extremely powerful drug fifty. The carpet. Has more powerful in. Here's the thing, we would have an addiction issue and still need to work on the addiction issue. And go through these, these discussions are having now. But the problem is causing this to be an emergency would on average fifty to seventy people overdosing every week, we can talk about the numbers that we know about the what about the numbers. We don't know about seven people died this weekend. I gotta be honest that alone would not have triggered an alert which figured it was Columbus. And in trouble county comes out today, and they're having higher numbers and what they've seen the past few months. And then we had double digit numbers of overdoses, those once we know about that with high of that there was a multitude of factors that. No. And what bothers me is that we need to make all the stopping a national priority. It would help reduce the first responders responding to all these people wouldn't be overdosing. You won't be dying families wouldn't be wouldn't be impacted. I have read generations in my small town impacted the last two by Caroline. Channel and grandparents are raising the kids. Now the kids don't have families. We need to stop coming in not being mass produced in the United States being produced in China Mexico now. India's talked in India productions of and look, I'm not going to debate whether we should have a trade war, not I don't know nothing about that. But I can say there's not tens of thousand Americans dying from a trade war, we got puff on China for that. Why aren't we put Nekunam extinctions on them? Why aren't we being Saint China stopped us now here on taking action? I know the administration a lot more than they've been working on China, says he'll stop, but China's not a democracy. They have right now. They wanted to. The pressure. We need to be doing chief about seventy thousand Americans are killed every year by drug addiction, mainly fed, no car no heroin, and cocaine, and the great bulk of the artificial aspects of heroin comes from the mail service. It comes from China, head on Senator Rob Portman in December who laid out tons tons of Fenton car, feno are coming from China, number one. They make a boatload of money and number two, they rot away the inside of their main adversary, so they're incentivize, now, you're talking about tariffs. That's an important thing. But how about seventy thousand Americans killed every year over a decade at might be close to a million Americans or killed? We're not getting tough with communist red China. They're making money off of it, and they're, and they're hollowing out, many of our cities. And we gotta be tougher on them. What other what other thing would we allow another country to have such influence seventy thousand Americans died? And that's not just the individuals of families are impacted community five hundred billion dollars to spend. It is a national crisis and should be dealt with. And that's why I'm calling for a long time or a declaration of a national mercy -mergency on the opioid epidemic. Stop the flow from coming in. We stopped the overdoses, we stopped them multiple death. We can start catching our breath and bilby systems from revival onto recovery, no matter what the drug is. I mean, we're trying to build a healthcare system for addiction alone. So Beth part of the issue the other issues, we can't get that done while we're in emergency mode of carpet, constantly being pushed into the United States from other countries the bat, and we start gaining some ground. We can stagnate that and we start building foundation. We you got a few more years to go and your gig. I got a few more years to go in my gig. At the end of the day are things getting better or things getting worse, or they about the same. I think they're about the same to be quite on foot. Here's my thing is at least we're trying that I'm not going to ignore the bunch of people that aren't ignoring. It and we'll put the effort in and my thing when people talk about complaining, or judging or putting an opinion on it, that's not action what we need is action to try to make a difference in the world. And that's what me and all the people, the coalition of the firefighters nurses, doctors addiction specialists. The media, a lot of people are now taking this and saying, hey, we need to do our part, and you need to at least try, and that's my thing. I'm gonna leave try at least gonna try and make a difference in the world. I've mode the hand the mothers who have shaken because they lost their kid at a father, beg Davis, daughter's life from an overdose and to me, that's what it's about. I'm gonna make a difference in somebody's life, Chievo say this communist red China is a dictatorship. It's a communist country. Nobody owns anything in China. Everything that happens could be stopped in a heartbeat by Z if that's what he desired to do. And he doesn't do it because they make billions of dollars off of us. And Secondly, they're hollowing out the character, and the soul of our nation. So the communist red Chinese have noticed outta do it. And I think we ought to be harder on. Them on that issue. Then on tariffs chief, we got to go. And by the way, captain, Greer, and Butler county says, Hello you. Hey. He's a great man. Well, I mean he's he's back. He's a he's a bit liberal for my taste, but I've been working with them. Trying. I've been trying to my he's he loved Hillary Clinton. I know that. And right now, he kind of enjoys Bernie Sanders, I think so. You can't take them the ice cream down the creamy whip down. They're staying in line for a while. Tom is the creamy whipped open up both windows they doubled their business. I'll tell them to do that. Chief sign in your great American, and thanks.

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