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Breaking news center. It may be more than a month away. But retired Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales says he's preparing in case no settlement is reached with the city. I'm ready to come back to work more, Alice tells WTMJ. PAJAMA cure. It wasn't just due process. But it's civil rights that were violated during his demotion last August, actually, during a time when several rights is a hot topic And the city has taken this past towards me. It's just distasteful at the minimum. If the city tries to make amends, Morales says they will likely need to admit they were wrong to call him a liar. They're going to have to figure out how they're going to make right to take those words back from people that are no longer in the fine Police station. Rusty Mellberg WTMJ news, listen to the full interview with WTMJ calm. With the summer games quickly approaching, the CDC is warning Americans to avoid traveling to Japan for the Olympics due to a recent surge in code. With 19 cases. They're a local medical expert says the numbers are concerning Medical College of Wisconsin President CEO Dr John Raymond tells Wisconsin's afternoon news that the Asian country is a long way away from where we are here in the United States when it comes to vaccines. Vaccination rate in Japan is 2.3% fully vaccinated, and 5.2%, who've gotten one shot, says There's a lot of questions surrounding the Tokyo Olympics when you're bringing people in from all over the world who is not Been vaccinated and they're having a surge there right now. In Japan, Melissa Marr Clay WTMJ News Summer games are scheduled to begin on July 23rd the U. S at the halfway point. A BCS Elizabeth Chelsea reports from Washington major milestone in the fight against Cove in 19. More than half of US adults are now fully vaccinated. Improved. The vaccines are working. US hospitals are now admitting about five times fewer covert patients than in January. In Wisconsin, just over 41% of state residents are fully vaccinated. I summer tradition along Milwaukee's lakefront is skipping another year. WTMJ is Tony Bedrock live in the breaking news center Eric the July 3rd fireworks are being scrapped for the second year in a row. Milwaukee County executive David Crowley says there's a different reasoning for this year's cancelation than last of Parks Department staff. We don't have the capacity to actually pull this evening off in a safe manner, he says. They lost a lot of workers because Of the pandemic last year but is hopeful the show will return in 2022 work underway to expand the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, the president to the Metro Milwaukee Association of Congress, Tim Sheehy, telling Wtmj. The intent isn't to hold larger conventions. But instead to conventions at once you think of doubling the space now, instead of having one convention in and then loading, unloading. They can now in a sense have to conventions going on simultaneously because they've got the space in the adaptability to do that, she says. Having that capability would make me walk unique when it comes to being a host city coming up..

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