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11 games have been boycotted by Major League baseball teams. After the Astros and Athletics declined to play on Friday, Houston Astros took the fields they normally would for 8:10 P.m. game against the Oakland A's. But after both teams stood outside their dugouts to observe a moment of silence, the Astros walked off in order to bring awareness to racial equality before leaving the field. Astros catcher Martine Maldonado placed a number of 42 Astros jersey, in one batteries box to honor Jackie Robinson while a shortstop Marcus Semien, and put his team's number 42 jersey in the other, and then placed a black lives matter Shirt over home plate. Adam swollen Houston, former major league star Alex Rodriguez and fiance Jennifer Lopez backing out of the bidding to purchase the New York Mets Mets Amid reports the Wilpon family is finalizing a deal with billionaire hedge fund manager Stephen Cohen. More breaking news and analysis a townhall dot com I'm Ron Dirac stra. A day after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention, thousands gathered for the anniversary of the March on Washington when late Dr Martin Luther King Jr delivered his historic I have a dream speech following the commemorative rally participants will march to the Martin Luther King Junior Memorial in West Potomac Park and then disperse a handful of satellite March events will happen in South Carolina, Florida and Nevada, among others. Ready. Bennett reporting from Washington. French president Emmanuel Macron says France is not excluding China's away from its upcoming five G telecoms networks, but instead favors European providers for security reasons. French leader said he told the Chinese president about his preference for European providers such as Eriksson and Nokia..

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