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Gum ikea moser tomorrow. Turning lopping twenty four years old excited there's celebrate with him tomorrow broken plow. If you say happy birthday between the hours of six nine you get a free dollar off any you have your first pint dollar off. That'll make it five bucks. Hey dollar dollar dollar saved as a dollar earned is it. A penny saved is a dollar but inflation. You know so. I didn't think about that. Stupid inflation economics but pretty much. What i'm telling you is between six and nine at bergen plot. Tomorrow he can get a cheaper than what you normally get. Go down there. All you have to do is say happy birthday Dr mike rozier is joining us. That's whose birthday is tomorrow your first week and a half as a berea owner part of a bring owning team. I am such a new This is a very very challenging business to get into I think got the brewing down. I think you know how to make good beer. But it's all the business aspects that i gotta learn. Are you scared now than when you first started it. A little bit less scared terribly. Oh there's what is this. What did you put in here. Said chatty young onto the terrorists they market square a beer that you sent over here and there's beer in it that make you for putting that thank you for having me. No no thank you for letting me know. Is that a tooth. Did you put a toothpick. Just put a toothpick. Where did you have a toothpick from in my pocket. That might be weird. I mean covert border prokofiev. Puerto we do here. That the i don i just. I'm one of those lysol wipes swipe your glass out. If you like. You know what. I did it i almost did it. Why is he here. do we have anybody else. Do you know anybody else that can do this. Show that it would be nice to me. He keeps the both of us sane. I don't think he does. I think he drives me insane. Maybe jedi keep you on your toes. Yeah well thank you. I do appreciate you telling me that. It was there before i stopped. I do appreciate it. I'm definitely gonna drink. I wasn't going to mention it on on air but but but basically going back to I know you. I know how to do all the other stuff And i'm learning. I'm trying to be as quickly as possible. My wife has or mazing behind the scenes. Take take care of all of the books and stuff like that and We're gonna power through until we become experts at everything so experts that everything when you get that accomplished you let me know. But i'll be no two columns still learn. I'll be dead by then but so you're up at our current our is still the same over there at the broken plow chad young onto the tavern at saint michel square. We were talking a little. Bit about st patty's day stuff like that The thing that you know. I i did mention. I think i was there twelve times in the month of february. And it's not over yet. i guess. Yeah it's only wednesday without being said what i appreciate you. You've got consistent Consistent specials. Right you got mondays meatloaf and martini monday. Tuesday taco tuesday wednesday is half price whiskey and wine. Wednesday thursday is all day. Happy hour and friday is clam chowder. And ruben to you. Oh my goodness you have been there. Is that too much. been there as is. It is three dollars cans and five dollars burgers with bottomless mimosas Till one o'clock bang golliwog looking for her. I guess he's looking for a server. I guess i didn't know that's funny next question. We were talking ambush here tonight. On bruce doc we got beer thirty coming your way little bit of a history and and Beer and food pairings on these. I think these are some pretty popular ones. There's been a couple here that i haven't had before. There is one that i've had fat tire. Would you say that fat tire is the the standard the hold it to probably in it is what would you say. Oh i would say though that probably not outside the state. I mean if you didn't get a chance to try it when you were in the eighties probably not you'd go with your local amber ale. I mean that probably says enough about the style there right. I mean that's because i mean there's There are odell beers. New belgium beers. That no matter where you're at. I had a buddy that was telling me that he was up. I believe is north carolina and he went to a hotel the hotel bar and said hey. I'll just take whatever. Ipa have on and it came back and it was one of hell's and he's like what the hell is this like. I normally so when that pipe probably going to grow out of state the fact that that really in it's not just that colorado has it gone across state lines because i'm sure it has but the out of state ones. There's not one broad popular that that everybody with amber style says that's the one or is there. Am i wrong when i was in. I was in the new england area in the eighties and the amber ale. There was sam adams so new belgian. Nobody had heard of it yet. So i think it's where you first contacted right where you were that. Determine your good old standard. Amber ale was and what it was called. Same adams has to be up there right. I mean i mean they they do. They know how to make a good damn burial. That's for sure. Your thoughts i think in the beginning fat tire was very local and i think in the beginning of crappier was very long. It wasn't until pretty recently. That was right. They were you know you could get colorado beers in the east coast or east beers and even in colorado and i think that beer festivals have helped that began and so this was one of my poll questions the other day on noko now and i don't i don't even oppose it here because i think the the wide majority of people would say that beer festivals are are the thing that a lot of people are missing most when it's back when it's one hundred percent. What is the event that you're missing most concerts beer festivals sporting events. What is it and beer. Festivals was up there for a lot of people. I've heard that the gbi is off this year. Have you guys been hearing the officially. Maybe that's just behind the scenes to speculate without knowing for sure but I've heard the same from what from what i understand. It's going to be similar to last year rate for. Are you surprised by that. I am not because they take so much planning that goes in and not knowing what. October is going to bread. I think had happened when you get thirty thousand people together. You wanna make sure you don't have to worry about. I was a little surprised by just because of how and again. I don't believe it's been officially announced but from what we've heard from from multiple people is that it probably won't happen this year. I'm putting all of those disclaimer words on there in case i'm wrong but.

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