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So We're back and let's see calamity. Jane meets wild bill hickok they fall in love love and settled down and have a family and live happily ever after i believe and that was it and now but they were really really close Everything i read really stressed the importance of their friendship over the years and how he really took her under his wing. And then when i started reading articles about whether or not she was Gay and in a situation where she was not allowed to live that way. And you know. Speculation abounds because of things like she dressed like a man and she hung out with them in and she never had any boyfriends There is There are stories of her getting married later in life and having a child but i also saw some articles that call that into question saying that. Maybe that didn't even happen. Well there's no certificates and right on record But it made me wonder about while bill hickok and if he was Maybe knew the deal and was sympathetic to what was going on so he was her beard. Well not beard. Because he didn't act as her boyfriend or anything but just maybe sympathetic to her I mean that's what i cooked up in my head. at least i gotcha. I had seen their their plenty of Articles that put the two together romantically Some say that she she yeah she was in him and he wasn't into her And it really kind of demonstrates like just how hard it is to pin down fact from fiction in her story in particular but the is it is factual that she in bill. Hitchcock were close friends at the very least in deadwood And that she was there when he was murdered in august of eighteen. Seventy six when he was shot in the back of the head. By jack mccall at point blank range while bill was At a at a gambling table in a saloon in in deadwood. Yeah which was very tough on her. Obviously so she left deadwood pretty shortly after that and then again spent you know the next Seems like ten or fifteen years really travelling all over the place. She never stayed in one place for long Think in the early eighteen eighty. She bought a ranch on the yellowstone river but only stayed there for about a year when to california only stayed there about a year eventually went to texas and this is where she supposedly Married clinton burke in el paso and then they went back to colorado and ran a hotel as a family but again i saw that called into speculation yes. Supposedly there are corroborating account of witnesses seeing her with a young child In some of these places so it is possible. She did have a daughter But again there's no birth certificates or anything anyway. Apparently some women came forward in the fifties or sixties and claim to be while bill hickok and calamity. jane's daughter oh but was was exposed as a fraud later. Yeah no that was disappointing. I thought so too right there at the end of the legs out from under you know Eventually close to nineteen hundred In eighteen ninety five she said. Hey you know what i can do. Really good is shoot a gun. And there's this guy out here but she really cross paths with all the the biggies of the old west She hooked up with buffalo bill in.

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