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Temporal Scanner Thermometer Weather Center. Sunday tomorrow with highs in the low eighties, Too. Low nineties. This report brought to you by staples from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. We're going to go back to that crash on the one A one in Agoura Hills. This wonders along the South found side coming up on chess Borrow. That's where the two left lanes have been blocked and big delays air really loading up now, at last check it was from Canaan Road, but it looks like our laser pushing back even Lord just about Ray's adobe road. Let's check out that crash in Irvine we've got Will Kohlschreiber In the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Yeah, this is a bad one south outside of the four or five jamboree. It looks like, uh, pedestrian. Somebody out on the roadway here was hit by a car. It's a fatal crash. It's a fatal crash investigation at this point. And a traffic just stopped all the way back for the 73 on the south outside north bound side, a lot of slowing there if you could jump on the 73 perhaps take the 1 33 as a way to get around this crash. That'll get your rounded. Otherwise, it is going to cost you quite a bit of time. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Will Kohlschreiber KF eye in the sky? You can also try Get heading on the one day 73 Just take that over to university in jamboree and reconnect with the 405 on the other side of the crash. This update is sponsored by cashing the count dot com in the sky helps catch you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Wanna win $100 Visa gift card. Heard about cashing the can will tell us what you think. Go to cash in the can dot com Take a Super short survey and entered to win one of.

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