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Puck at the blue line and was off side was and when Brown mishandled that he was straddling the blue line. But when he fumbled balance Walea was the guy coming with speed you see so many teams on their zone entry on the power play. How trying to hit that man with speed. Well, first of all you have to get the puck into him. He didn't balance way loft side. Good for air force. They'll get an offensive zone. Faceoff three twelve lifting the first period. No score sixty four seconds left to the Tigers. Power. Tigers win the draw and there and brubaker leads them out slowly. Skating right to left. Gets to Willett to Valenzuela. He'll spin it in behind Christoph Lewis Brown. Trying to pick it up half wall. Nearside can't do it a clear try, and Tom latch, gotta stick on the shot at right into a RIT defender. So stick battle ensuing. Over here along near sidewalk. Valenzuela comes in gets control of feeds it across to the far circle. They get it to the hash marks dacas, and he can't control it. He retrieves it in the corner going they feed it back to the blue line. They catch. They get it to brubaker brubaker shot smothered down to on the ice to make the block was Matt cook. But is kept in play by the Tigers. Once again, we'll buzzing here by RIT dacas shot. He tried to go top shelf shot it over the head ability. Christoph it's on the back wall Christoffel watches over shoulder the power play as five more seconds to go and air force. Good job by pretty Tom lack. They get the clear and that'll kill off the rest of the tiger power play. Some hairy moments. But we're still scoreless. Two minutes left in the first period..

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