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So I just heard I just heard well actually Patrick Colbeck posted awhile back that is our governor has relented now this is somewhat old news she's getting she's out of the way you know you can prescribe hydroxy our address the core Quinn in Michigan about the governor that was the the implication that the doctor would prescribe it readily for our last caller as evidence was because governor goals we can't that kind of thing but that that's been lifted now too much push back from medical professionals no doubt and people like us here at the station Janet was talking about that to beat the crap out around here we know about the bunch this gets back to her absolutely in just us the rest of the state is what what what does she think when she did when she said that I know what she was thinking she fell prey to the left of psychosis that is progressivism and that was the whole why they came down from some guy who ate aquarium cleaner because it had the word Claro something in a Claro attraction something in there that sounded that sounded like the drug and they'll all all all all way to people going into it if they if they if they see that they can get the stuff of start eating aquarium clean we're going to we're gonna end up there's nobody so stupid government is how stupid the government is always keep in mind when somebody's in elected office the vast majority of them are not smart enough to be there in the first place even if they're doing a lot of the right stuff there's always a situation is going to come up there knocked another asphalted about about Raman looked official I'm important don't ever forget that government is like a fire as George Washington said you must handle it very carefully you want to give it away at bay we got a burning fire going on right now the sweeping lands call bureaucracy in our government falls prey to it says now she's a huge part of it so does our Attorney General be very careful these people because they're from the government and they're here to help you get out of the way the medical professionals get out of the way I got a man it is astounding stupid governments acting right now in many ways they think they're doing the right thing the medical professionals are telling us what we need to do we don't need government tell us what we need to do now somebody said that the testing in Detroit the government government is right which is horrible has a has pushed a big a testing campaign entrance so that's maybe why this virus spiked a lot of people haven't don't know once you get a lot of people haven't don't know it'll never manifest all never get sick maybe they'll have Sniffles whatever if if even that and it will bother but there are people out there that will have the conditions necessary for this virus to take hold and destroy them and next thing you know you got pneumonia poem and story that's what kills in it isn't it isn't a corona virus instead ammonia as a result of coronavirus so yeah and there you go the the virus killing its host that incident occurred or what this but we need to be very cautious about this very careful you've got to go out and get stuff at some point somebody's got to bring it to you so be cautious be careful not to extemporaneously over to affect only collapse these call these chats Granger about not getting information from other people I want you to get over to their own extinction on Facebook they wrote extinction of Facebook I see ten sure Sir that's not enough I reached out and had a couple people their message about this you've got to pass this on this doctor's outstanding Dr young effectively find out how to spell his name I played on air but he uses language and I can't use the F. word use the S. word that he just being out of total but he's going through as a straight up medical professional what this is instructor Dr Hwang this do you see these Vietnamese view all energy it's got a bunch of videos this one I posted is outstanding just simply fantastic I think the lovely Diane X. for goodness to me how covert nineteen kills I'm a surgeon and why you why we can't save you he's talking about that we can't be saved right now we've got a pretty much save yourself so what B. B. advised of that share this if you listen to me get over to Facebook right now many of you have just dialed into the show this is the big push for today get this of what the people because this actually tells folks what's going on with regard to this virus and I go back to the fabulous analogy the fabless analogy that is you trying to a screaming people why can't you fix me why can't you tell me why can't why don't we not know what's going on because this is analogous to an alien space flying saucer coming down and crashing next to an auto parts store you're running so what do you have parts for this thing got it yeah that's exactly what's going on posted to me earlier it says that after isolation and after we get out one lady comes over to visit another she says where is your husband and lotus is in the garden and she said I don't see him just as you need to dig a little zero you needed to go get it you know I was amazed I post something on Facebook from us a Babylon bee and some of the Camillus some kind of a comment log all my gosh it's not funny if I have to explain it or they come in and they do some kind of a back handed the lucky one this is too strong a word gore's whiners and complainers man you got to keep up with my sense of humor stragglers will be shot of Washington to you know what I hang on a second while I was for dinner I got to go over to new screener we go I want to share this information Tom cotton was talking about yeah when he was screaming banging a lot of the gong lots and his a pandemic coming pandemic coming pandemic coming nobody pretends to see goes over while the Senate psychotic Mr trump is going on and he meets with president trump is just telling about it and he says here are the two things struck me about trying to respond to says first their deceit and dishonesty going back to early December back in November actually and second the extreme draconian measures that taken by the third week of January the Chinese they had more than seventy five million people are locked up they were confined to their homes and apartments otherwise they were arrested this is in China in some cases the front doors of those buildings were welded shut all schools are shut down Hong Kong and then call Hong Kong had banned flights from the mainland whether they're a kind of extreme draconian measures the it would take only in a position of power in China if you were greatly worried about the spread of the virus so China knew about this stuff and knew just how insanely dangerous no crazy this was going to be and they did nothing with regard to the rest of the world what is Tom cotton talking about this are you working for a company that's doing business in China I know a couple people dear friends that either the husband or the wife somebody go over them they go to China back and forth they go over there because our company sends them there or did at one point because they're.

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