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The moment he sees even the slightest sliver of opportunity. Who's looking to hit big forehands at any point in the rallying capitalize and play plus one balls. And if you're going to give him fifteen feet of space by standing that far behind the baseline with the return of serve. He's going to take that time and space away from you. That was mirren chile through sets one and two and he was land in the big forehand. And that i serve. That looked like a guy who six foot six and has. That sort of wingspan has that sort of natural pop on the ball. It looked like a former wimbledon finalist but then two things happened. a deniro. Medved have settled in physically. He has that joke of itching quality. You've heard me say at all week long. That ability to make matches physical even on this surface. He puts every not every return but he puts eighty percent of his returns in the court. There's a reason he's the only player right. Now who's top five in tennis. Abstracts leaderboard in both hold percentage and break percentage in. You look for him in this match. He still made sixty one percent of his first serves one seventy four percent of his first-serve points only one forty three percent of his second sir points and that's a credit to chile to look to find big forehands and swung freely at those big forehand cuts on second serve returns but medvedev also held chillers to a forty eight percent. Win percentage on second serves and chile had to hit more. Second serves in this match than medvedev did medvedev ultimately ada fifteen on break point chances chile. Five of eight four match again. Once medvedev locked in physically was moving a little bit more freely in the outer third was getting a little bit more depth wind. Chill forced him into the outer thirds was hitting his passing shot. Better his dropshot which was tracking down really well and sets one and two it was. It was a great performance from chilton. Those first two sets. He was in control playing on his terms but he slowly wore down over the course of this match. And that's what to. Neil medvedev kim due to you and you know again. Chile also lost his form You know he went from hitting winners on the fourth ball. In a rally to missing the forehand well wide on the fourth shot of the rally in the shank count started to pick up. He just missed hitting balls left and right and there was a weird challenge. Early on in third-set where votes clearly out. He challenged in any ways in the shot. Spot confirmed the ball was out that he had hidden. Kinda just flustered him in there. Were a couple of challenges and you know there were a couple of calls that the people on the line to got wrong. And i think that got a little bit under chill skin but you know what else gets under skin when you're planning a guy who six foot six but moves that fluidly around the court can seemingly track down every big forehand you head and hit the ball to the open space. You put all of your weight momentum into taking this ball early on the rise medvedev tracks down and then beats you to the next spot cross. Quarter down the line. Whenever it may be arrowhead some funky on the ron dropshot and then you know again. The guy serves like prime Not quite prime. John is ner but in that neighborhood holds over eighty seven percent of the time again. A top five number medvedev raised his game as this match went on and corresponded with chile. Drop in level and again for neil medvedev the big number here now. After being owing six in his first six five set matches..

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