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First we have Taylor joining us here soon there is Butler joining us in the second hour a lot of NFL chatter we got two bad **** outside from ma Fort Bragg Fort Hood seminal Fort Hood I think for like two guys going to Afghanistan on Saturday hanging out outside don't really yeah I know that had not been since Saturday to catch and chat with him one guys and grace and beauty of the guy's name very chilly outside got very hot this box though we we had a hot boxes sock but there for a second there great to be back it side to chat about the world Susan first break happy baseball's over pretty pumped up about it I mean I understand that people like it I just understand why I think his work from a city where the baseball team is just a bunch of crooks crooks steal from people but we're also from seed has a Pittsburgh Steelers and right now the Pittsburgh Steelers are only one point underdogs Indianapolis Colts this week and it started out as the Steelers will one and a half point favorites over the Indianapolis Colts this weekend off and all I don't know much at all I don't think I know much about much but when it comes as football thing I feel like I know a little bit a little bit I feel like I've been pretty hot with my that's that's far if I bring up the hammer not granted the hammer lost one other people made bets for but whenever I hold that hammer much like that dude who has a hammer in those movies for floor of the god of thunder yeah when I swing that thing normal it's pretty accurate I would hammer the Indianapolis Colts right now at minus one against Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend as hard as I possibly could offend dole right now I if I if you're sitting at home you're at the office whatever your go to sports book dot vandal dot com find that game it just came of course because that's gonna go up probably to three to four if I had to guess because people in Pittsburgh have zero respect for the Annapolis quotes but anybody who's watched a single football game this year knows that that's those team is in trouble I think they don't object donis is with her know Ben Roethlisberger they're not playing quack thank you Raj Hodges which we all don't love I just think this cocinas get a lot of respect and for us that's good because we can profit off of it right now federal content night the Arizona Cardinals take on the San Francisco forty Niners ten half point dogs this is going to be a game where once again I said this on get up in San Francisco forty Niners fans have been coming after me hard I mean they have been coming after me very very hard for stating the obvious fact that the service is the forty Niners have had the second easiest schedule in the NFC thus far they haven't really played anybody yes the defense has been absolutely dominate yes Nick Bosa has been and defensive MVP candid I watch a video yesterday of George kill miked up where he's literally screaming and share my hands years on the sideline sign him to a twenty year deal now talking about about George heroes like signed him to a twenty year deal right now he is a game changer a game Recker I completely appreciate and respect that but they haven't played anybody yet so to say that the best team in the NFC after what happened last year even though Jimmy Gezer disservice actors ACL I think it's a bit aggressive this team hasn't really had to take on anybody of importance yet although they have been absolutely suffocating on the differences on the ball and awesome to watch that a manual Sanders I like when they play football I think tonight there's on the cardinals ten a half point dogs at home with a record of forty twenty six you want to get to spread as a home dog which means absolutely nothing by the way that's just like a roulette table when you walk up in a show you what all the ball has landed on last twenty times that has no verification or what's going to happen this next coming spend but a short week there's all cardinals have gotten big critical calamari AQ Shipley is run the shot a run the show and arts center for the cardinals if that defense can figure anything out I think this to be a low scoring game tonight between the cardinals in the Niners and I think the cardinals can cover I am not I'm not bringing the hammer out because I don't know enough about these two teams I don't think either of them know enough about it themselves yet to figure it out I mean a card or just a few weeks ago were dead then I got hot they figured out calamari is becoming a full quarter back so I'm not gonna swing the hammer they just got Emmanuel Sanders I think they'll use him well caution has a genius George Kendall was a game changer that defense is awesome but I'm not sure what any of us know anything about this Niners team outside of San Francisco I soon their fan base in Santa Clara knows about I'm not gonna swing the hammer on him but I like this game the night for both teams I like what's going to happen I think it should be a low scoring game and I think ultimately that I was going to win but I think the cardinals you'll be impressed would you would use the question mark right I mean he's playing well but you don't know if he they're gonna go out there and score fifty points you don't know if they're gonna go there and score twenty four display shut down the front just in Jimmy Jeez like damn near perfect as a starter everybody says that the weakness of the San Francisco forty Niners team is Jimmy G. that is a mind blower to me that guy just wins games is what it feels like alright John Lynch couch and hand put him in position to do that Jimmy G. does is when and date porn stars and things along that of that nature but for me I like the Niners team I just don't think the flight anybody yet and I don't think the cardinals really know who they are yet but that could be a big test for them WVU Baylor W. views an underdog by eighteen and a half points or something like that hilarious absolutely hilarious let's go mountaineers get a chance call game for first time those of the school that I went to go to try to put on for my old teammates I really like what the Baylor bears do though I like coach Matt role I like Charlie brewer I'm a big fan of them I like coach Neal brown W. view as well but this Baylor team if you haven't got a chance to watch him yeah they're the only done undefeated team left in the big twelve only undefeated team left I got my first game I ever got to call as the Baylor bears respects tech in the Texas shootout last year fun team to watch play it may seem to be a very disciplined team in a team that is ready to jump off of a bridge if cultural tells him to do so and I like everything about that should be a fun one tonight I have a question yeah buddy do we know if Jaylen hurts was in the gym after losing that last game what do you say that was just a very weak he posted Instagram of himself same day the game right after the game is back in the gym working out I was curious what anyone saw or jail hurts is a gym rat right that's what everybody says about him I just watched like eight hundred pounds he's been this way since everywhere Oklahoma they posted a video of him squatting with the entire team around like the first week you got there he's a now I think is that as a strength coach I I believe our lives a limpid lifter some along those lines that Kansas state win over Oklahoma was a mind blower to me on game day I said Oakland was gonna bury Kansas state so I mean I I really want to work there for them and they lost which is tough for me but I'd assume he's in our work it out I'd assume we can rallies turning things around and I would assume that this Baylor team is very comfortable in a spot that they're at right now being the only undefeated left in the big twelve because the way the college football players not a drug to feeling when these power five conferences your pa your make playoffs you Baylor bears just couple years go on like two games two games after they stop the former culture or Briles not good things that were happening under his watch not good at all there's a statue of RG three outside I mean wasn't that long ago that this team was very good in college football disappeared Matt rules got him back good for the bears also good for Baker Mayfield I'm a form of site get it exactly right yesterday at one eighteen PM after walking out of a press conference after telling a reporter that was the dumbest question he's ever been asked which by the way is somebody who is not spoken to the media that much believe it or not a punter is not somebody that the media seats after games no matter how far I put a ball it's not like Hey we want to talk to Pat McAfee today Baker Mayfield has to be put in front of the media basically every day it feels like he is having to talk to the media in the way they have it set up is very interesting you just standing it's like a scrum almost it's not like there's any difference where he's sitting up front and they're sitting away from and there's no separation there kinda in his grill almost and I I think the set up of that was almost a recipe for disaster if anything goes wrong anyways because Baker I mean what's argue he's a combative human the reason why he is where he is because he's a combative human the reason why he has gotten to the Heisman talk the reason why I became the number one pick in the draft after being a walk on twice the reason why is gone or uses because he's a combat of individual that's what is chip on his shoulder so whatever you have them standing like inches away from reporters who reporter sometimes by the waiting to start popping awful that there's something in there a little bit more important in the game I mean that's kind of a classic sports reporter ammo is almost like yeah we matter just much as you do which I think they can argue why I think without the media the game is the game he was asked a couple different things about the fourth in sixteen play call that whole thing what we want your ball back Tom Brady said which makes sense but yeah then if there are some more were you happy with the drive that was a drive that they did they did not pick up a first down they did not score when they need it so Baker former right reason says that's the dumbest question I've ever heard we didn't score.

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