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Of demonstrators descended on parliament square form defensive ring around the statues to churches still faced by protesters last weekend the government's build a box around the statue for protection hundreds of anti racism protesters not to engage with the white nationalists will be very careful we don't fall into the trap the night by the extreme right with a dog and destructive from talking about racism in across much of the nation and he said we're not talking about the vandalism violence and disorder caused by this counter protest more than sixty police have been injured in previous anti racism protests Frank Langfitt NPR news president trump told west point's graduating class the U. S. military will no longer fight endless wars NPR's quil Lawrence reports speaking before the west point class of twenty twenty trump implied he will be bringing troops home from abroad that the job of the American soldiers not to rebuild foreign nations but defend and defend strongly our nation from foreign enemies we are ending the era of endless wars trump praised troops who helped out with the pandemic which she blamed on China and said that soldiers must ensure constitutional rule of law on our streets the president has been widely condemned even by his own military commanders for threatening to use troops against mostly peaceful protesters quill Lawrence NPR news this is NPR support for NPR comes from the Doris Duke charitable foundation which aims to improve the quality of people's lives through grants supporting.

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