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Bloomberg's Martin to Carol says local leaders worry Early progress is being squandered in echoes of March in April, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says the surgeon infections could overwhelm hospital capacity in virus hot spots. We don't know how bad the surge is going to get and whether or not We are going to have enough people anywhere. We're gonna have enough ventilators is the chair of the National Governors Association. Hogan has been one of a few Republican officeholders willing to criticize President Trump, he says the federal virus response is still not quite where it needs to be. This virus is not going away any time soon, and Hogan says he doesn't think governors air taking Trump's threat seriously to withhold funding from schools that don't fully reopen in the fall. Martin DiCaro Bloomberg radio. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is proposing sweeping new uses of the federal government's regulatory and spending power doubles to US manufacturing and technology firms. Biden once of $400 billion.4 year increase in government purchasing of US based goods and services, plus $300 billion in new research and development in U. S technology concerns. Biden, in a speech today near Scranton, Pennsylvania, will also proposed tightening current by American laws that are intended to benefit US firms but can be easily circumvented by government agencies. The Supreme Court ruled this morning on two big cases concerning President Trump and his tax records. The president has been trying to keep his tax returns and other financial information from being released. Prosecutors in New York As well as congressional investigators. Case is concerned Separation of powers Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analyst More than 120 countries are Michael Bar. This is Bloomberg. Tom Paul. Michel Barr. Thanks so much. You're welcome you across the nation and worldwide Bloomberg Radio Paul Sweeney in Tom Keen. I know, Po. You're going to do a data check here into the break. But you know, I Paul, we I don't think you and I can go off air until the NASDAQ 100 goes down. And again within your data check the NASDAQ 100 is not going down this morning. I know it is And we got, you know, kind of mixed kind of opening here feels a little bit quiet here. The S and P Up about, you know, less than 2/10 of 1% 5 points. The Dow Jones industrials essentially unchanged down seven points. Tom's not much going on 25,109 62. I'm looking at, you know the overall in that NASDAQ Up again, you know about that's 7/10 of 1%. 7 10,032 on on the NASDAQ, Tom and you know those 67 names that we talk about time and time again continue to power forward. It's not just professionals. I think it's the retail investors. They recognize that, you know. If I want Alfa, I gotta be in these six names that's symbols against, you know, I don't even pay two and 20 for that. I look looking for the proverbial entry point, and every exit was March 20th. Exactly looking to the Treasury yields Tom, you know, kind of quiet there. We have the 10 year Treasury about 4 30 seconds, pushing that yield down just slightly. Under 0.65% is two years at 0.15% on the two year crude oil hanging in there. W th Tom hanging in there about $40.61 a barrel remaining pretty pretty solid there. Looking a gold still $1820 an ounce on or gold right there. So you know, kind of the commodities hanging in there. Maybe we'll chat with Mr McGlone at some point to get his thoughts. On the commodities. The vics, Tom, your vaunted vics in just slightly below 28. 27.74 on.

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