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You know it's not even a lot of them decently analyst for a K. the current clean gases these a damage all right with this dam is going down in Atlanta I kind of without love and hip hop star Alexis guy and I asked her what was going on between her and her best friend I thank you we had a public fallout and this was she had to say let friends for years and like five years now and he was like my dog yeah I mean think about having to die again I don't have no friends I think was my friend like I don't hang out with girls he always wanted to hang out and when I did it just tell me and I another way to help them I've never called him we all have our waitress people it might be something that you didn't like about me or not yeah there but I've never caught thank you so well here like down right down even after I was at I because right now I'm putting it out there like what about you I know a lot he do you have it you know that was so messy whenever you're ready all the stuff that they found out behind the scenes like when you're no longer friends that is black so I spoke to another friend behind the scenes I talked to Marlo Hampton for real housewives of Atlanta and she's all of Kenya Moore's TFX you don't even like to grow and I'm gonna say what she said next okay Hollywood I'm not she I'm it is so much J. I had to go with a blank you at the moment is still No shoes to put.

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