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Massive transfers of capital trillions of dollars meanwhile home foreclosures skyrocket under obama they began under bush but he oversaw something like i think eight million home foreclosures and it was also the biggest destruction of african american wealth in us history overseen by by the first african american president a lot of those home foreclosures were also fraudulent and it's when are a bit complex but it was basically begun i initiated by program obama did to actually save that we're supposed to save people from foreclosure the irony of it was this was a program that led to the rise of the tea pot party it's where this one figure on a cnbc the financial news network got up a couple of weeks after obama was elected and said you know why do we need to bail out these losers wendy's he said rick santelli we need a new tea party and that's where you get this i strong rightwing reaction so in in the huntington indiana and in indianapolis i interviewed a seventeen factory workers talking to them about their lives their working conditions and there were two women in huntington that really kind of caught my attention and a glass cowan catherine comfort they were best friends catherine's immigrant from peru both in their twenties both a single mothers now what was interesting neither defied themselves it's single mothers day were both engaged and when i sat down and had the interview with them they were basically speaking like they were ready married they were living with their fiances neither had the actual wedding ceremony yet this is something that i've i've seen all over the country the what the right has really been successful ad is social engineering the right loves of scream that the left is always trying to socially engineer society accept the reality is it's the right that's really been successful at the social engineering laws.

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