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It's not popular with the folks in the senate it's also what they've pinned radical ideas on which i'm sorry expecting a good education expecting people to not have to live in debt or to live without a home. These are not radical ideas. Sorry not sorry. yeah exactly. These are common sense things but the issue is we don't have enough officials who actually have skin in the game when it comes to the results of this public policy or are they forget some how they evolve into something differently and they don't wanna look back at what made them who they are in the struggle that they have because i see that a lot in the entertainment industry right every actor every person in the entertainment industry has a pretty humble beginning. Unless you're born into a hollywood family which sure there are of those but most actors artists in my industry. They do so for that reason. You wanna change your life do something about it because we have no way out and so i feel that there is an element that some people don't want to look back at the struggle once they've had certain amount of success and that could also be what's happening with certain elected officials. I think there's certainly examples of ad that people can pull out. But i think because of how broken our core parts of our democratic process that you have to raise gobs and gobs of money to even get to congress in the first place because of bad the system as currently constituted then.

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