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This to yourself it's crazy the last financial crisis Gal was, down thirty six. Percent the s. and p. was down thirty eight percent the NASDAQ was. Down forty three percent folks if you lose twenty. Five percent of your funds in a financial crisis and the next. One is going to be big you have to. Make back thirty three percent of, your retirement funds how long it's gonna take you. To do. That if you lose. Thirty three percent guess what you have to make. Back fifty. Percent that's insane you can't do this you can't run. With the boys on Wall Street it's dangerous they will eat you up. Every day of, the, week you can't do this get into the fixed annuity with a fixture. Nudity you're earning five six. Seven or eight percent per year to build. Up your lifetime income base while your money is insured a fixed annuity is safe and. Fix nudity it's insured by a very large, and how you rated. Insurance company and it's very conventional you could take all your funds, at turn close the account walkaway you could. Pass on. Your funds to your Beneficiary very conventional but. You gotta get outta the risky, stock market the price earnings ratio is thirty two which should be. Sixteen it's double what it should be it's crazy folks you gotta get out get into the. Fixture duty catch safe get insured fixed index annuity is. Are designed to meet long-term needs for retirement income. They provide guarantees against loss, of principle accredited. Interests and offer the reassurance of a death benefit for your beneficiary early. Withdrawals may result in loss of principle and credited. Interest to the surrender charges any distributions may be subject to ordinary. Income tax and have taken prior to age fifty. Nine and a half ten percent, tax penalty all mentions of sixteen percent..

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