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Thank you looks good. Crystalise rednecks, banks, look great. She looks great. She got rid of. Red glasses which I loved by the way, those two. Little big let me say look a little big. They look really transitions they start getting darker than the lights are getting toys. Richard Bell's row was were those on jacker great. Shades inside a jackass unless you're blind. Let's that's the rule. They go back to the right? They clean up. But it's just your little bit anemic. Mood. They're great big amusement parks when you're going in and out of buildings on and get rid of. Okay. Back to the show. Happy to be here. We're going to dip our toes into the world of sports. And you've got a surprise for us. Apparently what I William. Do you believe? Turn it down. Oh, man. No crank it. I got more. Awful guitar setting. And I love this. All right. Got the spirit. Probably. By the spirit. This song. It's all it's all. It is when does that come. Everyone's co Saria. I'm just kidding..

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