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We get all that what a chance that he didn't believe it you don't you don't think that eli is and neither does get up it was the only one who really believes that he's elite and i go beyond i'm not this just a regular season you get a quarterback especially this case it was a number that first overall pick who didn't want to go somewhere right right rodgers on san diego yeah so there's a situation where to prima donna right and you don't want to go one to go somewhere a colts in new york and gets is way and of us any football fan of you had your quarterback with the first pick right and and he plays twelve thirteen here is when jus two super bowls beach tom brady quite leads right and don't forget that eighteen in all looking for nineteen in no patriot as had just scored with two minutes to go and eli has the ball and watch is the team down the david ty we play nobody says is lucky whatever i hear all that but you know what could have go watch the video and look at eli as scape and made i have played out been well and don't forget that three weeks earlier they played in the regular season maybe it was for five weeks earlier they played an epic game in the regular season the patriots barely want if you put those two games together that's a large sample size of those two teams there were even and a word that even though not only does he goal that ball did he did he gets plaxico burress right foot again when are wins the super bowl and then the the super bowl again what with them aerial many him well which is one of the all time great goes down the sideline he made that well he was an on the team and just was riding the hot defenses stompin he made plays to win two super bowls the big the patriots and you know he's also on him basso would you would think about a like oh like a world in bastad are how many kids needing kids in under privilege countries aware knows nineteen you know patriot sharks all at the right complementary owning people warm exactly eli manning you love man debate then an out there comedy stuff i'll be case do though search the david.

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