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Is the creation of science fiction writers you know once we started learning you know they were these other planets out there and they were earth like to one degree or another and so they could be civilizations there and one of the possibilities in what is the possibility that science opens up in terms of what people can do beyond each planetary stuff but just general now what what are the two possibilities four existence our vision of the future is defined by science fiction in the end and in particular by two alternative views of that future one of which is an expansive you if you will the star trek future of humans venturing out space and things aren't perfect can certainly not without risk but it's filled with adventure and possibilities and opportunities and then there's the alternative future in which we do not go into space and we remain confined to one planet with shrinking possibilities and you might call that slightly queen version of the future and they're very significant because abby one argues that we should promote human freedom the other says that is doomed should be restricted one argues that ultimately humans are friends because the more creativity we all exercise the more possibilities will be for all of us whereas the other her basically says were all competitors for a shrinking piece of a shrinking pie first will what's your vision of the human featuring space in the next hundred years in the next thousand years in the next ten thousand years where we go one i had a quick benfer thanks thanks bye i'm optimistic i think howard is always the right direction and we speaking in the country it is known for this position and there's a reason for that we're going to mars if not this generation i certainly hope it's jet this generation we are going if not this generation the next it's going to happen because mars is out there it's a real place and we as humans expand outward that's what we do that's part of what is us but mars is not our destination mars is just a stop on the way one of the many planets that were going out too as we colonized the whole solar system for mercury out into the or cloud as perhaps a pauses on our way even further out and you know what they're.

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