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Cookie to a username on facebook basically there isn't really a legitimate need the there's a reason i frames were always a kept separate you're supposed to be able to pull in other content and not be able to you know read any of the data from that content and i it's supposed to live within its own stack not not cross the streams as it were to you know ghostbusters with it so i can't say no go for that yeah i can't think of a legitimate reason i can only think of illegitimate reasons to wanna do that jason anthony yeah there's yeah there's nothing there's nothing that should there's no reason for this you know that region around the eye frames should be verboten for any type of scanning from any other process right because very often we find ourselves when these new features get announced you know there was the one a couple of weeks ago where they started what they give they gave microsoft excel some java scrip capabilities and what could possibly go right well we're saying who asked for this yeah right and so is where do we cross that line where the product people are saying hey we gotta add more features we got we got to add more features you know we have basically a feature complete product but you gotta value ones well exactly exactly exactly you know as i mean that you you could have started this podcast dave with us with that who asked for any of this.

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