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Hello this is Nick Kelly with the BBC news the British parliament is due to begin its first Saturday sitting in decades as the government tries to win approval for its brexit deal with less than two weeks before the country's shed for departure from the E. U. the vote is expected to be extremely close the Persian prime minister Boris Johnson has said the agreement reached in Brussels on Thursday offers the best outcome Laura Coons bug reports Boris Johnson will seek to make MPs pick a side are they ready to approve departure from the E. U. on his terms or note the compromises in his brexit deal have find ready opponents among rival parties and some of his allies the tribe you seek to stop brexit happening would hesitate to block it and even some brexit tears of kept him dangling still withholding their backing until the last moment Boris Johnson was selected by his party as the man who could drive brexit to a conclusion in just a few hours time we'll have more of a sense of whether that choice was right as MPs made him Westminster thousands of protesters are expected to March through central London to the mondo referendum before any brexit deal is given final approval the members of the opposition and celebrities will join the rally in the referendum held three years ago nearly fifty two percent voted in favor of leaving the European Union become party leader in the US Senate as described the withdrawal of American troops from Syria as a grave strategic mistake Mitch McConnell didn't mention Donald Trump by name Chris buckler reports Mr McConnell says it withdrawing soldiers from Syria emboldened enemies weakened alliances and left Americans last CF he warns that escalating hostilities between Turkey and America's Kurdish allies threatened to create a strategic nightmare for the U. S. not least by allowing groups like Islamic state to reorganize this week president trump claimed that the conflict was north America's problem but the Majority Leader of the Senate says it is the responsibility of the US to show leadership in the Middle East Chris buckler reporting the state of emergency has been declared in the Chilean capital Santiago off the violent demonstrations against an increase in the cost of metro tickets the government is blamed the price rise on increased energy costs fan Busby reports today's schooling university students have been protesting against the price rise with the campaign of mass fed touching but on Friday the demonstrations turned violent who did activists attacked underground stations started fires and block traffic the authorities have closed down the entire metro system in the capital for at least two days president the best in Pinheiro declared a state of emergency in a late night televised broadcast he said people who committed serious acts of delinquency must face justice and Busby this is the world news from the BBC the Chinese vice premier you'll hurt has said that the United States in Beijing of made substantial progress in trade talks Mister Yost said that stopping the trade war we'll be in the world's best interests he said the two sides working towards an agreement based on the quality and mutual respect hundreds of young Catalan separatists in Barcelona baffle riot police long into the night in the worst violence the Spanish city has seen this week streets were left to blazes hardline protesters set font of rubbish bins set up barricades and threw stones and fireworks offices used tear gas and rubber bullets to keep them back and apply both to come in for the first time to break through the barriers the former U. S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has alleged that Russia is grooming a Democrat to run in next year's election she said Moscow wanted a third party candidate to divide liberal voters and help reelect Donald Trump she is believed to have been referring to a Tulsi Gabbard out the Hawaii congresswoman has accused Mrs Clinton of trying to destroy the reputation of the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup will begin in Japan shortly when you see Linda hoping to become the first team to win the trophy three times in a row a plaque and style and in a few hours off to England with its coach Eddie Jones taking on Australia Japan of also reach the knockout stage for the first time Dan Ronan reports Russia is now on as England face a defining moment Eddie Jones is side of enjoyed a six match winning streak against his native Australia but the same opponents knotting went out of their own World Cup in twenty fifteen and with the lives of going home this is said to be a bruising battle between two of the sports arch rivals islands meanwhile have never reach the last full and to do so you must overcome the might of reigning champions New Zealand in Tokyo in the second of today's mouthwatering matches Dan Rowan and that is the BBC news it's six minutes past six G. M. T. welcome.

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