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Helping make the game as smooth and polished as it is many of them were employees at Rockstars QA offices in Lee. Incan England, reportedly the home to some of the most brutal overtime crunch of all those testers work like the work of so many game developers is invisible. But no less vital. How many of them caught a game play bug that might have destroyed? My safe file enforce me to start over did Reese Geoghegan or Jay Patel, which of the made sure that every plant my character pick from the ground. Believably flopped over in his hand. Maybe that was catchy Jones Williams or Emily Greaves in which names weren't on that list at all who are the people who burned out and quit only to be cut from the credits because per rockstar stated policy, they didn't make it across the finish line. It is nearly impossible to answer any of those questions just as it is impossible to assign credit for this marvelous and unusual game to anyone person or even any team of people. That's just the way entertainment of the scale is made vast numbers of people spread around the globe churning for years in order to make something previously thought to be impossible. It's a process from a different galaxy than the loan artists sitting quietly in front of a blank easel. It has as much in common with industry with art for years rockstar or at least rockstar. Has built and maintained a reputation for being talented successful jerks. We make great games there pasta as always defiantly communicated so fuck off its reputation bolstered by many rockstar products. Most notably the cynical grand theft auto series with its asshole characters nihilistic worldview, yet how to reconcile that reputation with red dead redemption to could a bunch of jerks really lead the effort to create something so filled with humanity and overwhelming, beauty, I suppose our reputation as a company was that we're profoundly anti-social history. Onic and looking to be controversial, Dan Houser told the New York Times and a twenty twelve interview promoting grand theft auto five, and we never saw it in that light. We saw ourselves as people who are obsessed by quality obsessed by game design, of course, it is possible to be all of those things at once and given how antisocial and willfully controversial GTE five being it was hard at the time to take Hauser's comments at face value taken alongside this vastly more earnest heartfelt new game. Those comments assume a slightly different cast intentional or not read redemption to can be read as a meditation on failed leaders and even as a potent critique of the..

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